Listen to Philly Post-Punk Outfit Wax Jaw’s “Between The Teeth” EP

Emerging from the Philadelphia music scene, Wax Jaw, led by a pioneering trans vocalist, skillfully blends new wave, post-punk, and surf rock to create a vibrant sonic tapestry. Their intriguing new six-track EP, Between The Teeth (released via Abandon Everything Records), showcases the band’s unique sound as they merge New Wave, post-punk, and surf rock to become a steadfast indie pop ensemble that demands your undivided attention. With dynamic stage energy, aesthetics steeped in nostalgic charm, and passionate performances, Wax Jaw has captured the hearts of Philadelphia locals and beyond.

On a lazy summer day in June 2022, Greg Blanc on bass and Sean Vannata on guitar started jamming together, which led to the formation of Wax Jaw. Their goal was to create lively and captivating melodies that would energize even the most demure concert-goer. With this vision in mind, they carefully selected other members to join the band, and by January 2023, the five-member group was complete.

The buzz enveloping Wax Jaw is predominantly anchored in their electrifying live performances. It’s not a rarity to witness their guitarists diving with abandon into the throes of a mosh pit, all the while passionately strumming their instruments. Such exuberant displays, interlaced with sporadic spontaneity both on and beyond the stage, provide a spectacle truly memorable.

A kiss? A fist? An unexpected exchange? What is coming Between the Teeth? Cut between the sounds of new wave and a classic punk aesthetic, Wax Jaw’s debut EP will transport you from the punk clubs of the late 70s to feeling soaked in sunshine, knowing that no matter what’s to come, everything will be alright. This EP is a fistfight, a cathartic embrace, and a plea for self-love. Whether you’re a sweetheart or a heartbreaker, you’ll find a home on Between the Teeth.

The album opens with the raucous Be The Man, a strong saucy surf rock-inspired punk number that channels Blondie, The Ramones, and the Go-Gos alike. This is followed by a slower-paced Big Hang, with gorgeous jangly guitars and strong harmonies – the clapping backbeat will have you joining right in. Cavities In My Heart opens with a sample from a dental hygiene PSA, launching right into a spirited barrage of big emotions.

The Mirror presents itself as an undeniable treat for listeners, capturing the very essence of an emblematic summer tune with its spirited and captivating verve. Beneath its lively exterior, though, the single carries a profound, contemplative undertone. It probes the essence of identity, pondering: In the gaze of others, and in the quiet introspection of our own mind, who do we truly discern? The compelling refrain, coupled with fervent guitar flourishes, harmonizes exquisitely with the poignant vocals and profound lyricism.

Checking Me Out unfurls exuberant bass patterns, ascendant guitar refrains, and harmonic vocalizations, culminating in a melodic tableau that beckons admirers of New Wave to relinquish their inhibitions, find solace in the rhythm, and lend their voices to this nostalgic ode. This track is a veritable auditory delight, encapsulating the very essence of the perfect summer anthem with its lively, infectious vitality.

Beach On My Own represents Wax Jaw’s venture into the realm of the ballad on this album, resplendent with the vibrant hues of 60s psychedelia. The album then concludes with the fittingly titled Attitude, a full-throttle punk spectacle that seems to burst forth from the band with uncontainable energy.

Listen to the EP below:

Between the Teeth by Wax Jaw

Order Between the Teeth on vinyl here.

Wax Jaw Tour Dates:

Dec 15 | Baltimore, MD | The Crown
Dec 16 | Richmond, VA | Banditos
Dec 17 | D.C. | Pie Shop

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