Korean Dating Show “Endgame Couple” Announces Breakup As Soon As Final Episode Airs

Korean Dating Show “Endgame Couple” Announces Breakup As Soon As Final Episode Airs

Love After Divorce 4 was one of the hottest Korean dating programs in 2023. The unique premise of bringing together divorcees made for an interesting and heartwarming watch. Season 4 brought about more buzz due to its new setting in Cancun, selecting Korean-Americans for the cast. The multi-lingual cast helped international viewers relate to the program more, while Korean viewers loved seeing the “elite” cast interact. Most of the cast members were high-flyers in terms of career.

Poster for the show.

One out of the three endgame couples have recently announced their breakup. On October 26, 2023, Ricky Han and Harim Lee announced that they had amicably broken up. The news broke the hearts of many fans who were rooting for the visual couple.

Harim and Ricky on the show.

Although the couple had broken up before the show finished airing, they wanted to respect the story and viewers, choosing to announce it only when the final episode had aired. Along with a couple of recent photos from October 2023, after the breakup, they shared a joint announcement.

The couple meeting up after the breakup. | @harim.ia/Instagram

Hello everyone!
We were originally planning on waiting until the weekend to give people more time to finish the series before we update our relationship status. We wanted to delay the update because we knew many people were still in the middle of the season. We wanted the audience to see our amazing experience together on the show and naturally update our relationship status afterward. But after seeing the passion and curiosity around the update, we think the earlier might be better!

After the show, we dated intensely and lovingly. We stayed together for weeks at a time and lived real life together. We considered many serious life choices such as living together in California, children’s schools, and more. The amount of time we spent together meant we had a relationship that most people would experience over 6 months or more within a few months.

We both date intensely, and in this way, we were a great couple, but in the end, other factors like distance made us decide that we are amazing together but best as friends.

We still love each other like family and care for each other deeply. We truly experienced one of the best relationships of our lives through the most unique beginning possible. We hope that you enjoyed watching our genuine passion and love for each other while it lasted, and that we always continue to care even after relationships end. Thank you for letting us cry, laugh, love, and show real life to you!


Ricky and Harim

— Ricky and Harim

The two remain good friends, continuing to meet up with the other cast members. The other cast members also wished the pair nothing but the best. Jerome wished his “crazy twin Harim” the best, while Benitawill always support both of their lives” and patted them on the back for “working hard.” Heejin praised the two “for their courage, maturity and for encouraging each other.” Fan-favorite Sora thanked the two “for hardcarrying the viewership,” wishing the two all the best.

Comments on Harim’s account.

Ricky shared the same post on his account. Likewise, the other cast members flooded him with love.

Comments on Ricky’s post.

On the other hand, the other two endgame couples, Benita and Jerome, Heejin and Jimi, are both still together.


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