Jay-Z Knows You Think His Dancing Looks Awkward But He’s Got A Good Reason For His Unusual Bop

It has been over five years since Jay-Z last dropped an album — six, if you only include solo projects — so it wouldn’t be a surprise if the main way younger fans recognize him is through the various image memes that have popped up about him on social media in that time. A good deal of those involve poking fun at his perceived awkwardness in doing physical activities like diving into a pool, riding a jet ski, or perhaps most notoriously of all, bobbing his head to an awkward, seemingly off-beat rhythm.

Well, Jay knows you think he looks awkward dancing and he actually has a decent reason for it. During the first part of his interview with Gayle King about the ongoing Book Of Hov exhibit at the Brooklyn Public Library, King asked Jay about his “very unique way of moving” (diplomatic!), prompting him to explain:

“I’m feeling every little hi-hat, snare, et cetera, and the space in between. So, sometimes I’ll jerk like that because there’s a space in between that I’m trying to feel.”

Fair enough, but these memes still gon’ fly. Jay’s pretty aware of the way he’s perceived online; while he’ll quickly shut down fans surreptitiously filming him in public, he also seems game to address the “$500,000 or dinner with Jay-Z” question that’s been floating around, too.

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