“I Want A Baby” — Jessi Will Take Steps Toward Motherhood After Her Activities

“I Want A Baby” — Jessi Will Take Steps Toward Motherhood After Her Activities

Singer Jessi recently revealed her “baby fever” as she talked about wanting to become a mother and freezing her eggs for the future.

Jessi | @jessicah_o/Instagram

On the SBS PowerFM radio show Cultwo Show that aired on October 26, Jessi appeared as a guest and shared her thoughts about preparing to become a mother.

Jessi on “Cultwo Show” | SBS

When special DJ and rapper Hanhae asked Jessi if it was true that she planned to freeze her eggs, Jessi replied that she planned to after her activities.

I’m 34, so I have to freeze my eggs. I haven’t done it yet. I plan to do it after my activities end. I have to get married, but I might not be able to get married, so I’m planning to freeze my eggs.

— Jessi

Comedian and radio host Kim Tae Gyun mentioned that he heard freezing eggs is difficult, as women who freeze their eggs need to receive a round of hormone injections that stimulate the ovaries to produce multiple eggs. However, Jessi replied confidently that she would do anything for her child.

It’s fine for me. The hormones are not good for the body, but I can do anything for the sake of my child. I’m serious.

— Jessi


Jessi also mentioned that she is happy because there are so many babies around her these days.

So many of my close friends have babies, and I have a niece, so I’m happy. They call me, ‘Auntie Jessi,’ and it’s so pure! Children say everything as it is.

— Jessi

This wasn’t the only time Jessi mentioned wanting to have a baby soon. In an interview video on the YouTube channel STUDIO WAFFLE uploaded on October 25, Jessi talked about wanting to become a mom soon.

In the video, she shared that she wanted to get married to the next person she dated and have a baby.

Your browser does not support video.| STUDIO WAFFLE/YouTube 

I want to marry the next guy I date. I really want to get married and have babies.

— Jessi

When asked if she prefers kind or bad guys, she chose the latter but described what kind of “bad” she liked.

Oh, I like bad guys. I don’t mean ignorant and bad guys or guys with muscles. I want someone who can lead me and can better me. Someone smart. It’s hard to find someone like that now.

— Jessi


Known for her honest, cool, and funny personality, Jessi received love from netizens in these two interviews. Netizens commented, saying, “Jessi’s gonna be a great mom, hope she marries a good husband,” “Jessi’s mind is so healthy,” and “I love Jessi’s honesty.”

|  @jessicah_o/Instagram

Jessi released her new catchy single, “Gum,” on October 25.

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