How Rappers Sell Their Souls

We’ve lost some great rappers lately; Mac Miller, Nipsey Hustle, Juice Wlrd, Xxxtentacion. But how much of it is fate or a natural progression of life? Don’t you think it strange that so many that shot up to stardom are suddenly dying? You’ve got to right? Listen to something before we go forward, because what I’m about to share isn’t for the weak of heart. It’s the truth that is hidden in the music industry and destroying a lot of young lives that think it’s all glitz and glam. Please be guided that the content in the following snippet may leave you feeling uneasy, I sure know I did: 0:00-2:15. This video isn’t just entertainment. It’s a message to all thinking shit’s sweet in the industry and craving these rapper’s lifestyle. Don’t do it the wrong way. Work hard and build yourself without the shortcuts, cause you’d see that it ain’t worth it. 

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The soul is the core of who we are. It defines you as a man, as a woman, as a human being. But it often finds itself contradicting with its arch nemesis…money. While people make sacrifices to quench their thirst for materialism and fame in all walks of life, none is as luring as the music industry and since hip-hop became a medium for quick fame, rappers have sold their souls for a piece of the pie. It’s a touchy topic, and some of the information shared may shed new light on how many soulless rappers are hidden under the money, fame, and flashy lights, and you’d even see it’s not bias to gender. We’re going to pull back the curtains on two of the most dominating male and female rappers today whose souls are long gone.

That’s a bit heavy, so we’ve got to work our way into it to fully understand the dark world hidden in music. First you’ve got to understand that there’s different levels to selling your soul. It can be signing a contract that goes against your morals and principles. You as an independent artist following the trend and throwing away your character for more fame. Or the deadliest, making a pact with the dark arts, exchanging your soul for money and fame. The first two you can probably recoup from, but when you’ve given yourself to the devil, that’s when your life is at stake. The two male and female rappers at the top of the game are caught up in either one of these. 

Earlier I mentioned a couple names whose untimely death shocked the world. But what people overlook are the lives of some of these rappers and how it led to their souls being lost forever. One with the most conspiracies surrounding it was, XXXtentacion’s murder. Many say he died due to the botched robbery, but if you pay attention to his life, you’d see an entirely different picture…he was a sacrifice. We watched the fall of X from his entrance into music, to spiraling downward the more he blew up. Take a look at his transformation before music into when he seemingly blew up and tell me if something doesn’t seem to be eating his soul alive.

There’s a noticeable change that is damn near troubling. Check out his song “I spoke to the devil in Miami, he said everything would be fine” if the title isn’t enough to convince you, the lyrics sure will, and the ending of the song has an entire section to repeating the words “Anima Vestra,” which means “Evil in my heart/soul.” If you’re still on the ropes of being convinced that his soul was no longer his, just feel the vibe and energy from his 2017 XXL freshman cypher freestyle 2:05-2:44. Still not convinced? Well here’s irreputable evidence from one of his closest friends Ski Mask The Slumb God.

Ski distanced himself due to the demonic ways of X and wanting to sacrifice him and his family Something seemed even more strange when X leveraged his music to try edge Ski to be friends with him again. Almost in desperation Maybe he knew the truth, that it’s either find a sacrifice to upkeep his contract for fame or face the consequences. Maybe if Ski had given him his soul, XXXtentacion wouldn’t have to lose his life as a replacement. Just weeks before him losing his life he reportedly inked a $10 million dollar deal with Empire Distribution, probably to leave for his family as he knew his time was soon approaching.

We’re in this for the truth, so if you can keep going, stay locked in, because it goes way deeper than you think. Many of these rappers sign themselves away, some, like J Cole are lucky to have escaped with their soul, but others are far from lucky. J Cole, one of the biggest artists today, nearly lost his soul when he signed to the rapper at the top of the “I sold my foul for fame” list. That’s a big hint to one of the dominating rappers I spoke on earlier that we’re going to expose. On February 24th 2009, Cole achieved his dream and signed to Roc Nation. In a recent penned letter, he stated “Ib and I sat in a small, quiet conference room across from an associate of my fancy new lawyer. The mountain of papers in front of him included multiple copies of a record deal that I never actually read.” Cole nearly got caught in the trap, but he stayed true to himself, and when he became lost in the fame, he looked within himself and found back his purpose and broke free from the chains pulling him under.

Chris Brown however, haven’t been able to recover from singing himself away for the fame. He went from the young superstar to apparent gang banger and drug addict with mental and anger problems. Everyone has their demons, but the change seems to have sprouted from something of much darker intent.

Now Brown may be on the path to destruction if he is unable to find a way to free himself from the contract he made. Last we heard, he’s now copping jewelry and tattoo’s that further tell the tale of another talented rapper whose soul was lost to attaining fame.

Some, like Bobby Smurda have lost their freedom and thrown to the wolves after signing themselves to a label. After rising to stardom, Smurda further catapulted to the top, inking a deal with music powerhouse Epic Records. In some twist if demoralizing ritual, they sat back while he danced on a table before them like a puppet hooked on their string Why would a label who is concerned with my growth and support my love of my craft, choose to make this a requirement with my contract? It’s clear signs to them only wanting you to know that you’re theirs upon signing. You’re no longer a free man but tied to their will in exchange for the fame they can provide. Bobby learned this the hard way, after the label never bailed him out when he was locked up and left him to fend for himself They use you up, then toss you aside.

Even newer artists ruling the game right now, like Da Baby, and NBA YoungBoy sacrificed their souls for the blow up and fame they now hold. Da Baby became widely known after he gave up his pride and tough background, demeaning himself to gain attention and his 15 minutes of fame to try turn it into a permanent spotlight. Da Baby would create the persona of an actual baby, wearing diapers in public His reason? Clout to gain fame In NBA YoungBoy’s case, his takes a page from the darker side. There have been speculations over the years of his rise to fame being that of sacrificing his soul, and a recent video adds evidence to what have long been questioned. The vid, showing NBA having it out with a wall, gives a daunting look at his deterioration after signing himself away.  

Juice Wrld may be one of the most popular artists to blow up in recent times that took a path down the darker side of the music industry. Tragically he lost his life due to an “overdose,” but with everything we’ve seen already in this vid, it can’t just be a freak disaster that took his life. Juice was known for how dark and haunting his music was. He constantly struggled with addiction and depression. Many of his songs held the underlying theme of death, but it was this video that sparked what may be the truth to his demise. In the vid Juice is recording the ritual being set up to sell his soul to the devil. “Aight ya’ll, I’m finna sell my soul. Imma hit ya’ll when I’m through. Finna be rich as hell.” Juice later tried to play it off, but even jokes come from a place of truth. He did attain that wealth, but sadly the cost to get it was too much and ultimately led to the sacrifice of his life.

“These new niggaz sell themselves for the fame.” That’s what you’re saying right? But these last remaining artists may shock you even more. All holding legendary status, and all being victims of signing their soul. The Dog DMX, has been suffering for years with his demons. He’s been one brave enough to speak out on the lost of his soul in his music. Songs like “Damien” off his “It’s Dark And Hell Is Hot” album DMX details Damien, the devil’s spawn who promises him fame and grandeur if he pledges himself to him, and by the time X realized his mistake, he had already signed his soul. DMX has been running from his past to this day but his pact with the devil seems to want his life. The Dog is as tough as they come, fighting the good fight with a stronger connection with God. Prayers up for the Ruff Riders legend.

If we’re talking rappers who sold their souls and Kanye West isn’t a topic, then whatever said is all bogus, because Kanye is a huge example of what goes wrong when you toss your morals and principles aside for the fame. Kanye was a man of the people, a man whose music transcended generations, a man that stood up for minorities with his voice. Hell, this is the man that said on live television “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.” That takes some real nigga to do some shit that courageous Sadly the person we knew as Kanye, wasn’t satisfied with the level of fame he had, and while he condemned one president he saw as racist, he now openly supports another that hates people like his kind. It’s a shame to see a genius like Ye trade his soul for money. It hasn’t done him well though, he’s feeling the effects of what that means. Mental outbreaks and bipolar episodes that push him to near insanity now rule his life. Strange how this is exaggerated on him since his exchange.

So here we are, down to the top two rappers whose souls have been lost to their fame. I’m sure the first have been on your radar, and if not, then open your eyes. He’s the one that actually has had a hand in Ye and DMX’s career before they went spiraling out of control. And it’s no surprise that he himself has long sold his sold to reach to the level of stardom he has now. You never asked yourself, “how did a black drug dealer go to being one of the biggest and most successful men in the world?” Every other kingpin story either ends with them in jail or dead, but Jay, nah he’s become so powerful many say he’s untouchable. But how did this happen? Well, the sign of his imprint tells it all, The Roc, which is the diamond shaped pyramid he makes with his hands, which is also linked to the all-seeing eye of illuminati known as the Eye of Providence.

Hov not only has his name plastered all over the illuminati’s stronghold with varying hints and signs, but it is also seen in his music. This can be seen in the depiction of a skull in his “On to the Next One” video that looks like the satanic Baphomet which is the devil’s imprint. Or even with his wife Beyonce in their video for “Apeshit,” which was shot in The Louvre with a fallen angel to begin the video. This angel can be directly linked to that of Lucifer, the devil being cast out of heaven after his deceit with Adam and Eve that plunged the world into sin. Even with this, Jay Z continues to dive deeper into darkness. He has sold his soul on a spiritual level, and on a humanitarian level. He’s normally linked to deals that gain him money under the ruse of it being one of a humanitarian’s, like that of the case with Colin Kaepernick. After Kap had the courage to kneel during the anthem as a stand to police brutality and oppression to blacks, he was blackballed from the NFL. Jay Z then went on to do a deal with the NFL without the inclusion of Kap and tried to sweep it under the rug as his following up from what Kap did to bring change. Yet, all that changed was the size of his bank account.

Jay z is certainly at the top of the throne of male rappers that sold their soul, but if he is the king, then beside him is the Queen, Nicki Minaj. Yes, the Queen isn’t one of royalty, but one of treachery. Coming from humble beginnings in the Caribbean Island of Trinidad and Tobago. Minaj migrated to Queens, New York at a young age. Her life wasn’t the easiest, so I guess she lost her footing and chose to give up her character for a shot at fame. A growing Nicki would make drastic changes to her body to create the now sexual image of Nicki Minaj. She’s all but tossed her morals out the window to move up the ladder to be the Queen.

This might seem like a norm in today’s world, but her character holds similar traits to that of Hov. While claiming to be for the people and supporting the empowerment of black women and men, Nicki quickly backpedaled on that stance once the money was loud enough. In 2015 Nicki posted she’d be coming to Angola to perform But the problem with this, was that Nicki, who claimed to be in strong support of the Black Lives of men and women, received a whopping $2 million by a company founded by the ruling family, The Dos Santos family, to come perform. Even knowing of their dictatorship and corrupt dealings which have long plagued and oppressed minorities, Nicki switched sides and even threw shade on twitter at those asking her to stand up for what she believed in.

Nicki even went on to drop a vlog of her trip to capitalize her earnings even more.

Nicki is said to be one of the founders of the new age of women rappers, and most seem to be following her path. She’s been at the top, but got their with tarnishing her soul. It is still being debated that the woman seen sucking her former label boss, Gucci Mane, off, is her or fake. But Gucci once aired her out for how she came up, and it was as trifling as they get. 

Whether truth, or not. Her path to the top has certainly caught up with her. Her persona of being real, has slowly been chiseled away, and with her new stunt to do a track with renowned snitch 69 to keep her buzz popping, the Queen that once rapped about her gangster ways and the tough life she lived turned an eye to the street code she once preached about to secure the bag. It came at no surprise, but it just further goes to show how these rappers sell their souls for the fame.

Maybe Montana Of 300 is telling the truth when he said the music industry is blackballing him because he isn’t folding and joining the circus but staying true to his character and exposing the truths the music industry holds. If so, then even more care has to be taken with your soul when going the path of a rapper.

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