Here’s What Led To A Fight During 21 Savage’s Birthday Party

Here’s What Led To A Fight During 21 Savage’s Birthday Party

21 Savage recently celebrated his 31st birthday, but his celebration was marred by a fight between some attendees of the party at Underground Atlanta on Saturday. In videos posted on social media, Savage can be seen trying to break up the fight, wading into the crowd and trying to talk some sense into the brawlers before they ruined everybody’s fun.

21 Savage stopped a fight from happening at his birthday party in Atlanta’s Underground this weekend.

— Everything Georgia (@GAFollowers) October 23, 2023

He later posted an explanation on his Instagram Story, writing, “Why is yall dragging a video of me stopping a fight and twisting it into what yall want it to be? Who wants to fight on their birthday?” While he didn’t have much insight into what caused the fight, one can presume it was mostly just pride and ego.

The mandem has plenty to celebrate this year, as he completes a successful North American spin on his joint tour with Drake. But more than that, he recently confirmed that he will be able to join his friend and mentor on the European leg of the tour, as his immigration case has been closed and he’s been declared a legal permanent resident of the US after over 15 years.

This means that he can now legally return to the US after he completes his European tour; it’ll be Savage’s first time leaving the country since his childhood. His “homecoming” concert in the UK will be at the O2 London with Baby Drill and Lil Harold on November 30.

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