Here’s The Meaning Behind Beyoncé’s Cé Noir Perfume Name

Here’s The Meaning Behind Beyoncé’s Cé Noir Perfume Name

The Renaissance era continues. While Beyoncé concluded her critically-acclaimed Renaissance World Tour earlier this month, this particular chapter in the lore of Beyoncé isn’t over quite yet. This December, Beyoncé will premiere Renaissance: A Film By Beyoncé, which will contain footage from the tour, and is also rumored to contain the long-awaited music videos for the Renaissance album.

But between now and then, Bey has unveiled a new fragrance called Cé Noir. She took to Instagram yesterday to share a video of herself unboxing a bottle of Cé Noir.

As the Renaissance album is a celebration of Black culture, it’s only fitting that the perfume is called Cé Noir, which is French for “this black” or “this blackness.” It’s also likely that she added the accent mark on the “e” of “ce” as an allusion to her name.

In the video, she said the perfume took “years of work” to come together, and noted that she has worn it during performances on the Renaissance World Tour.

“I wanted something to be monolithic and I wanted something to have a little bit of intimacy,” said Beyoncé.

Fans can pre-order Cé Noir from Beyoncé’s official website. The perfume will begin shipping in November.

You can watch Beyoncé unbox her own Cé Noir perfume above.

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