G-Dragon Engages With Support From International Fans Amidst His Drug Allegations

G-Dragon Engages With Support From International Fans Amidst His Drug Allegations

International netizens have been sending support to G-Dragon, and the idol has engaged in a post amidst the recent news.

G-Dragon | @xxxibgdrgn/Instagram

On October 25, it was reported that G-Dragon had been charged and booked without detention on drug charges.

While Korean netizens have reacted quite harshly to the news, which may be due to the perception of drug-related incidents, international fans have sent their support on social media. In particular, on X, phrases such as “STAY STRONG G-DRAGON” were trending online.

Under the trends, fan shared their support for the idol and wanted to make sure to put words of encouragement and love towards G-Dragon during this time.

17 years of his life he’d gave his all to us, his VIPs. Its time to support him back.

Flood this with words of encouragement

STAY STRONG G-DRAGON #WeStandWithGDRAGON#항상_지드래곤의_곁에_있습니다 pic.twitter.com/h0HZxq0b99

— STUSSY (@stass_yb) October 26, 2023

You know what I’m afraid the most? Him losing that bright smile of his

STAY STRONG G-DRAGON #WeStandWithGDRAGON#항상_지드래곤의_곁에_있습니다 pic.twitter.com/jVwEgJvxBt

— 빅뱅과 함께 언제까지나 (@bigbang_5men) October 26, 2023

“Loyalty is a precious thing and not everyone can have it. We’re gonna support you and stay with you for many more years ok?”

— We love you our Kwon Jiyong ♡

STAY STRONG G-DRAGON #WeStandWithGDRAGON#항상_지드래곤의_곁에_있습니다 pic.twitter.com/5Yt8QwEUOA

— jayjay (@jgdragn) October 26, 2023



In particular, netizens noticed that after this particular Instagram post was shared, G-Dragon liked it.

When the account realized, they shared the interaction and that fans should continue to share their support for the idol and send messages of positivity,

G-DRAGON just liked our posters



STAY STRONG G-DRAGON #WeStandWithGDRAGON#항상_지드래곤의_곁에_있습니다 pic.twitter.com/3lS9GZxbmk

— G-DRAGON INTERNATIONAL (@gdragonintl) October 26, 2023

Fans want to continue to show support for G-Dragon. While many thought it wouldn’t reach the idol, he has seemingly noticed all the love being shown online.

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