EXO’s Suho Ends Up Looking Like An Iconic K-Drama Character In Simple Airport Look

EXO’s Suho Ends Up Looking Like An Iconic K-Drama Character In Simple Airport Look

EXO‘s Suho is going viral for looking just like a K-Drama character!

On October 24, he arrived at Incheon Airport wearing a comfortable pair of jeans, a brown down jacket to ward against the cold, and a pair of Converse shoes.

He channeled his inner professor and looked as smart as can be.

K-Drama fans from the early 2000s were quick to put out that he reminded them of a famous K-Drama character.

They realized that he was the splitting image of actor Bae Yong Joon from the iconic K-Drama Winter Sonata (2002). He played the role of Kang Joon Sang, a closed off and talented musician who fell in love with Yoo Jin (Choi Ji Woo).


They both sported long and wavy hair, rectangular glasses, and an air of intelligence.

Suho Bae Yongjoon Winter Sonata pic.twitter.com/AV21aKH0tf

— 𝓼𝓽𝓮𝓯𝓯𝓲 ⱽ (@Steffinner) October 24, 2023

An EXO-L even took Suho’s airport photo and photoshopped it into the iconic Nami island backdrop. Unsurprisingly, he fit in perfectly!

Another fan even inserted Suho’s airport footage into actual scenes of the K-Drama. Though the difference in time period was obvious, his moving shots fit in strangely well with the mood of the video.

#SUHO – Winter Sonata 2023 ver.pic.twitter.com/GaX23aGaHr

— sourcream. (@sourc_) October 26, 2023


Finally, Suho wasn’t the only SM Entertainment idol who gave off the same vibes as the Winter Sonata cast. Red Velvet‘s Irene also looked just like the female protagonist of the show, Choi Ji Woo. Together, they would be an ideal pair to cast for the modern version of the K-Drama should there ever be a remake.

suho and irene for the winter sonata remake, pls make it happen pic.twitter.com/JV7GlAYVvn

— daksehun (@daksehun) October 24, 2023

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