Enimem’s Big Announcement Is A New Mom’s Spaghetti Sauce, Fans Wanted A New Album

Enimem’s Big Announcement Is A New Mom’s Spaghetti Sauce, Fans Wanted A New Album

Source: Jeff Kravitz / Getty / Eminem

Eminem is dead serious about his Mom’s Spaghetti and is now dropping his own spaghetti sauce, and some of his fans are big mad.

The Detroit rapper had teased that something big was coming, leaving many to believe he was about to drop some new music. It turns out he was talking about a new spaghetti sauce.

The sauce serves as a way for people to bring it from his Mom’s Spaghetti restaurant in Detroit into their homes across the country.

Eminem confirmed the Mom’s Spaghetti Sauce’s existence in an Instagram post on Tuesday, October 24, revealing it will be available starting today, and you can pick up a bottle by heading here.

The reception to the announcement of the sauce that pays homage to Eminem’s classic song, “Lose Yourself,” off the iconic 8 Mile soundtrack was mixed.

While fans were happy the sauce was now available, they were also disappointed that they were not getting any new music from Slim Shady.

“Not the drop I wanted, but I’ll take 10,” one person wrote in the comment section.

“Marshall, the sauce we really want is the album,” another added. “Drop the bomb tracks tho Marshall,” another fan wrote.

We understand their thirst. Eminem has not dropped an album since 2020’s Music To Be Murdered by which featured guest appearances from the late Juice WRLD, Yung M.A., Royce da 5’9″, Ed Sheeran, Don Toliver, and more.

Oh well.

Eminem clearly has nothing but sauce and spaghetti on his mind, but we are sure he’s cooking up some music in the lab.

Until that day arrives, you can see more reactions to Eminem’s Mom’s Spaghetti Sauce in the gallery below.

Photo: Jeff Kravitz / Getty

1. LOL

Damn you Paul Rosenberg!! https://t.co/tvzXLJsIhy pic.twitter.com/9LCdTkFExT

— Bars as Big as Cars (@ThomasD48342358) October 26, 2023

2. Pause

“sauce shipping from the D” sounds so wrong https://t.co/yVSIqt44ej

— The Pusher (@HeisThePusher) October 26, 2023

3. Not everyone was upset

Finally I have been waiting all day https://t.co/5Xt5zyj2AT

— Revival𓃵 (@ReNAWEHA) October 26, 2023


The song … Eminem really knows what’s happening in the game, he just pretends https://t.co/oayUb7Oz8X

— Edeh Charles (@EdehCharles10) October 26, 2023


Yes give what we’ve been waiting for! https://t.co/joJAH9Q1Er pic.twitter.com/leOkT1IDY3

— Jenny Jasmine (@JennyJasmine) October 26, 2023


Marshall doing everything BUT dropping a new album https://t.co/3D0UXHY6IB

— TK (@ThomasMr5am) October 26, 2023


This guy… https://t.co/gVPpJOdWbO

— chillb (@dumbestname) October 26, 2023


So no album called the sauce https://t.co/kgh4PoAz62

— Mario Villar (@MarioVillar111) October 26, 2023


Seriously I am done with this dude. https://t.co/y2P6P08Ofg

— Lara (@heymissmurdear) October 26, 2023


Fans: We need a new album #Eminem𓃵 : I don’t give a Fvck https://t.co/Pp1xS9w5wm pic.twitter.com/HZVuZGw3GQ

— NonaTona (@NonaTona8) October 26, 2023


$13 for pasta sauce lol this man thinks he’s RAO’s https://t.co/LfZ6DDZpSV

— ☈ (@shadyfenty_) October 26, 2023


Im a 36 year old woman buying this mans spaghetti sauce for like 16$ a jar, i need an intervention or something https://t.co/1HJVWvZixz

— Ezrigen (@Ezrigen) October 26, 2023


Eminem behaves like LYCA productions

Asking for a new album but dropping new speghetti sauce pic.twitter.com/TQtGgTm8f9 https://t.co/WWjtvCdZ7x

— Vivek Shady #FSGOUT (@vivek_shady) October 26, 2023


What we want: new music!

And this is what we get. https://t.co/GbC6BqECUy

— Shari_Shady (@Shari_Shady) October 26, 2023

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