DC Darkwave Ensemble Vosh Debuts Shadowy and Sensual Video for “Superstition”

DC Darkwave Ensemble Vosh Debuts Shadowy and Sensual Video for “Superstition”

Washington, D.C. darkwave ensemble VOSH has presented a riveting new single and accompanying video for Superstition. With this new single, VOSH radiates with fervent intensity, bridging desire, assertiveness, and raw vigour. The combination of charged guitars, profound synthesizers, resonant percussion, and Josephine’s distinctively potent voice crafts a captivating song that merges raw strength with precision. In doing so, VOSH operates seamlessly, intertwining the elegance and delicacy of an organic entity.

The group’s frontwoman, vocalist, and songwriter Josephine Olivia (formerly of Blacksage) exhibits an ephemeral quality reminiscent of Hope Sandoval or Alison Shaw (Cranes). Yet, she carries the adaptability of David Bowie and the authoritative presence of Siouxsie, Diamanda Galas, and Lisa Gerrard of Dead Can Dance. In this venture, she collaborates with the talented Chris Moore, known for his work with Repulsion, Coke Bust, and The Rememberables.  The outfit is rounded out with the talents of Pat Vogel (bass, guitar) and Tim Bean (guitar).

Olivia’s voice elegantly rises above the entrancing melody, echoing influences from goth to dream pop, indie, and classic pop nuances. The band cites inspiration from the likes of Bauhaus, the early work of Ministry, Sisters of Mercy, Zounds, and Killing Joke.

The visual piece was filmed at Baltimore’s renowned Ottobar, under the directorial and editorial guidance of Faiza Kracheni, with Bryan Lee Taylor handling the cinematic lenswork.

Superstition is one of the first songs we wrote together, carving out a permanent place in our hearts,” says the band. “It evokes a mysteriously sensual landscape with valleys and peaks, an underlying driving and electrifying motion that bends and bows but never breaks. It continually courses, connecting mind, body and spirit- something stimulating, now visually visceral by way of video. We decided to shoot it at Ottobar which has now been the location of three of our videos. It’s like a second home to us…It’s meant to be a bit of a headfuck- are the dancers real or hallucinated?  Is the space imagined, liminal or tangible? We wanted it to feel magical and all-powerful- something ephemeral yet deeply memorable. Our friends Missy and Eden are the stars- both are spectacular dancers and phenomenal people, so overall it was very enjoyable to shoot. In the end, it feels like a lucid fever dream- one wrought with sapphic seduction and tantalizing temptation that’s a little fuzzy around the edges.”

Watch the video for “Superstition” below:

Their debut album, VESSEL, summons something sinister and sexy, blazing their own trail in the darkwave / goth / industrial arena. VOSH’s 12-track debut album “Vessel” bursts with explosive energy, juxtaposing an icy goth cool with red hot drama.  Recorded at Moore/Olivia’s shared home, Moore looped in longtime collaborator/producer/engineer Kevin Bernstein from Developing Nations in Baltimore for assistance on the mix, with mastering done by Magnus Lindberg (Tribulation, Russian Circles, Lucifer, Hellacopters, Frida Hyvönen). Vosh has recently shared the stage with Clan of Xymox, The Bellwether Syndicate, and NYC’s The Silk War.

You can order the album here

VOSH is currently on tour in North America through November 21st.

Oct 26 Hotel Vegas Austin, TX
Oct 26 Elysium Austin, TX
Nov 02 X-Ray Arcade Cudahy, WI
Nov 03 Burlington Bar Chicago, IL
Nov 08 The Crypt Denver, CO
Nov 12 The Funhouse Seattle, WA
Nov 14 Great American Music Hall San Francisco, CA
Nov 15 Golddiggers Los Angeles (LA), CA
Nov 16 The Beast Tempe, AZ
Nov 18 Paper Tiger San Antonio, TX
Nov 19 The End Houston, TX

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