Chlöe Got In An Early Halloween Photoshoot With A Sexy, ‘Game Of Thrones’-Inspired Costume

Chlöe Got In An Early Halloween Photoshoot With A Sexy, ‘Game Of Thrones’-Inspired Costume

Forget Christmas creep; every year, it seems like our favorite stars race to post their pop culture-referencing Halloween costumes in increasingly elaborate photoshoots earlier and earlier in the year. Chloe Bailey is one of the biggest perpetrators, posting a VFX-laden photo of herself as Storm a few days before the official festivities.

This year, she’s getting in on the action even earlier with a photoshoot inspired by Game Of Thrones villain Daenerys I Targaryen (she’s got a thing for silver wigs, huh). While I can’t say I remember ever seeing the Khaleesi rocking chrome bikini armor, I doubt anyone but the most pedantic geeks are complaining (and this is exactly why y’all are stuck on those incel forums, guys).

I am Khaleesi, the Mother of Dragons

— Chlöe (@ChloeBailey) October 26, 2023

Of course, Ms. Bailey is herself no stranger to revealing metallic swimwear. Earlier this year, she turned heads with her booty-baring Carnival costume, while her festive Valentine’s Day shoot floored fans in February. I’m sure Chlöe’s fans can’t wait for Christmas.

Meanwhile, when it comes to pushing the boundaries of spooky season, she’s got a ways to go to keep up with the reigning co-queens of Halloween, Doja Cat and Megan Thee Stallion. Doja straight up posted her pumpkins in September last year, as did Meg. We’ll see who takes the crown this year closer to the holiday, probably, but Chlöe’s already setting the pace.

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