BTS’s V Is Lurking On Instagram, Liking ARMYs’ Posts

BTS‘s V has been caught lurking.


Fellow BTS member Jungkook has often liked ARMYs’ videos on TikTok since he exposed his account. Now, V has gotten into liking ARMYs’ Instagram Reels.

Jungkook (left) and V (right) | BIGHIT MUSIC

Recently, @ceceedit created an edit of V on Instagram. It included photos of V edited to a version of Taylor Swift‘s “Delicate.”

It went viral with 244K views at the time of writing. Among the views and likes was none other than V himself!

The OP (Original Poster) was shocked to discover V had liked their reel. They manifested it, though!

V was not done, though. A video edit by @soulkthv comprised of clips of V to Childish Gambino‘s “Heartbeat” went viral with 1.1M views at the time of writing.

Again, V was found among the views and likes.

ARMYs attempted to notify the OP. Many hours later, OP finally realized what had happened, and it’s safe to say they were freaking out.

You never know you could be lurking on your Instagram!

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