Where Is She Now? A Former Idol Has Shed Her Super Cutesy Image And Is Hotter Than Ever

Where Is She Now? A Former Idol Has Shed Her Super Cutesy Image And Is Hotter Than Ever

While hundreds of K-Pop idols debut yearly, many will ultimately decide that idol life is not for them. For example, following UKISS‘s initial separation and UNB‘s disbandment, Lee Jun Young (also known as Jun) focused more on his acting career, not joining the older group’s reunion this year.

Lee Jun Young | Jflex

Others leave the industry entirely, transforming themselves and finding new ways to stay in the spotlight, like this one former girl group member.

In 2017, it was announced that a girl group would be formed through voting on the website Makestar. Everyone who contributed as little as $0.87 could vote on who would make the group.

| Makestar

Following the successful project and some pre-debut line-up changes, WeGirls debuted as a six-membered group with On Air. 


Unfortunately, member Hal left the group less than six months after its debut, citing her desire to go into acting and modeling. During her time in the group, Hal sported a very cutesy image, meaning her transformation was even more dramatic!

Hal | Makestar

In 2021, she began her BJ career on Twitch, amassing a huge following of 87.7 thousand followers, also streaming on AfreecaTV and FlexTV.

| Twitch

Her streams seemed to tap into her past life as an idol, with Hael, now known as God Hael, dancing and entertaining on live for her audiences.

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While on the FlexTV platform, she even seems to have landed on the cover of the platform’s magazine.

| FlexTV | FlexTv

The former idol is only active on Instagram following two suspensions and readmissions to the Twitch platform, sharing life updates and sexy photos of herself.

| @spring.hael/Instagram | @spring.hael/Instagram | @spring.hael/Instagram

It’s great to see the former idol living her best life!

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