Vengeful Wife Jailed For Brutally Punishing Her Husband’s Mistress

Vengeful Wife Jailed For Brutally Punishing Her Husband’s Mistress

Marriage is meant to be the ultimate commitment between two people, strengthened by bonds of love. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always end happily ever after, and a wife in China is an extreme example of this.

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A court in Jiang County in the Guizhou province of China found a wife guilty of subjecting the woman she believed to be her husband’s mistress to extreme humiliation. According to reports, the wife, with the surname Xu, was told about her husband’s potential infidelity sometime in 2022.

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In November that year, Xu saw her husband enter a home and remain inside for some time. Suspecting the worst, Xu called three female friends to the scene. The four women entered the home and found a woman with the last name Yao.

Believing she was having an affair with her husband, Xu led the group in beating her up, stripping her naked, sprinkling pepper on her body, and then forcing her to parade up and down the street.

A similar incident that occurred in 2014. | Weibo

This continued for around thirty minutes as Xu and her friends filmed, sharing video clips online, where they went viral.

All four women received prison sentences — the three accomplices were sentenced to six months suspended for a year, while the wife got eight months in jail.

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Netizens did not have much sympathy, as many wondered why she didn’t attack her husband instead.

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