TXT’s Soobin Feels Setting Boundaries Brings Him Closer To Fans

TXT’s Soobin Feels Setting Boundaries Brings Him Closer To Fans

TXT Soobin‘s exclusive interview with Weverse Magazine was recently released, which coincided with the group’s anticipated The Name Chapter: FREEFALL album release.

In his interview, the TXT leader gets personal about his struggles, perceived inadequacies, close bond with his fellow members, and love for MOAs (TXT’s fans).

TXT’s Soobin | Weverse Magazine

TXT’s Soobin is known for his close connection with MOAs, with multiple accounts of his kind personality being shared by fans and non-fans alike who have run into the TXT member outside of his schedules.

Items TXT’s Soobin signed for a MOA he ran into at a movie theater. | @Ye_onjunida/Twitter

Soobin is also known for his long Weverse livestreams, which he spends interacting with MOAs’ live chat comments and answering questions.

Weverse Magazine interviewer Yoon Haein broached the topic of Soobin’s love for fans, referencing his Weverse Lives while praising his ability to navigate “somewhat sensitive subjects in a firm but kind manner.

| @txt_members/Twitter

Soobin shared that he feels everyone should “be gentle and share the love,” which he stated is the key to “[being] closer with [fans], [so] no one will be crossing any boundaries of what is acceptable.

The TXT leader feels that setting these boundaries brings him closer to MOAs, with his goal being that they can love each other more “without having to hold anything back.

Soobin at a mini fanmeeting.

Soobin admitted that although he can sometimes “ignore uncomfortable stuff and just move on,” he wanted to take the opportunity during the interview to ensure that neither he nor MOAs feel uncomfortable as they continue to support each other.

Sometimes I can ignore the uncomfortable stuff and just move on, but the reason I brought that up is because I wanted to make sure we don’t make each other feel uncomfortable and there’s no hard feelings.

— TXT’s Soobin

MOAs at TXT’s showcase | @TXT_bighit/Twitter

Soobin continued, saying he tries to “be as gentle as possible” while addressing such topics as boundaries with fans. Speaking from his own experience as a fan and singer, he declared that a fan’s existence is “pure love.

Soobin sweetly concluded that he hopes he and TXT’s fans can continue to “look out for one another and have nothing but love for each other,” addressing the matter sensitively and thoughtfully.

(From left:) TXT’s Beomgyu, Yeonjun, Soobin, Taehyun, and Hueningkai | @AppleMusic/Twitter

In his Weverse Magazine interview, Soobin also discussed TXT’s recent studio album and revealed how he truly felt about their title track, “Chasing That Feeling,” when he first heard it.

Check out more on that in the article below!

TXT Soobin’s Thoughts About “Chasing That Feeling” Have Completely Changed

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