TXT Soobin’s Fear Of Talk Shows Sheds Light On How Much Pressure Idols Experience

TXT Soobin’s Fear Of Talk Shows Sheds Light On How Much Pressure Idols Experience

Since making a comeback with “Chasing That Feeling”, the members of TXT have been busy appearing on variety shows, performing on stage, and participating in interviews. Although fans are excited to see the boys return, leader Soobin opened up about one of his fears, revealing a darker side to those activities.

Soobin | @ra1sin81/Twitter

When MONSTA X‘s Hyungwon and Soobin met to film Mr. Chae the Castaway, they discussed some of the difficulties they faced. Soobin revealed he was “quite afraid of being in a talk show.” There were two reasons why.

Because K-Pop idols often have a family-friendly image, it limits what they can and can’t say. He said, “Since I’m an idol, I have to keep filtering myself.

In addition to the pressure of saying something that could be damaging, Soobin also faced the added anxiety of living up to expectations as an entertainer. Soobin continued, “And since it’s also a variety program, I feel like I need to be funny, so I still feel pressured.

MONSTA X’s Hyungwon and TXT’s Soobin.

Fortunately, Hyungwon’s show took a laidback approach, letting Soobin be himself. They ended up bonding over similar experiences and even became friendly enough to meet after filming.

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While K-Pop idols make their jobs look easy, they’re under constant scrutiny to be good at everything. That level of pressure would make anyone anxious.

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