Third-Generation Idol Gains Attention For Openly Naming Songs By Her Group She Doesn’t Like

Third-Generation Idol Gains Attention For Openly Naming Songs By Her Group She Doesn’t Like

Music taste is subjective, meaning even if you “stan” a group, you may not enjoy all the songs they release. Many fans will openly discuss songs that they didn’t like or that they only began to like after a while.

Fans Name 15 K-Pop Songs They Used To Hate, But Eventually Grew On Them

Now, a third-generation girl group member is gaining attention not for just naming songs she doesn’t like but for ones by her group!

Getting their pre-debut start in 2016, girl group LOONA made their official debut in 2019, boasting a line-up of twelve talented girls and an extended lore.

LOONA | Blockberry Creative

Unfortunately, the group were subject to mismanagement and mistreatment, resulting in legal action against their company Blockberry Creative, resulting in a ground-breaking legal win. The many members have since signed with other agencies, including the five that make up LOOSSEMBLEViviHyunjinGowonHyeju, and Yeojin.

LOOSSEMBLE | @loossemble_twt/X

LOOSSEMBLE have since held a debut tour and released their first album, holding fan call events to promote the release, LOOSEMBLE.

During one such video call, member Yeojin was asked by a fan about the LOONA songs she did not like. Surprisingly, Yeojin answered, “So  many,” before listing off the LOONA tracks, “Oops!,” “So, What?,” and “Why Not?”.

As the timer ends the call, she repeats that there are “so many” while laughing.

i asked yeojin if theres a loona song she doesn’t like and why she started listing them all off

— (@7oveletter) October 22, 2023

The video has over 700 thousand views, and fans have appreciated and found humor in her honesty.

still thinking about how QUICK she was to say “so many! Oops, So What, Why Not… So many…” kl;jasfldjkl

— pat mercabre (@Pat_Merc) October 24, 2023

she’s so real for that hahaha

it’s probably all the trauma and bbc never giving her lines!!!!

— audz ˚ʚ♡ɞ˚ (@audreymybooty) October 23, 2023

she wins the idgaf war

— tammy (@gyuuvinie) October 23, 2023

You can check out more idols talking about songs they dislike below!

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