The Cheesecake Factory Sparks Yet Another First Date Debate On X

The Cheesecake Factory Sparks Yet Another First Date Debate On X

The Cheesecake Factory is enjoying a lot of press these days, first occurring after a first date gone wrong video went viral and now, a meme decrying the restaurant as a solid first date option. On X, formerly known as Twitter, folks are sharing their love of the beloved chain restaurant and wondering why people are making such a big deal about it.

Earlier this month, TikTok user @moniqueelsantos09 shared a video of a woman refusing to get out of a vehicle for a first date to The Cheesecake Factory. The TikTok user claimed it wasn’t her in the video/ That said, it’s come out that some believe the video was nothing more than an elaborate skit to get people talking and it was all the rage for at least a week before folks moved on.


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Now, a new meme that was first shared on Facebook by a user we’re still trying to identify lists a number of places a woman won’t go on a first date and The Cheesecake Factory was among the spots listed. We’ve shared that meme below via screenshot.

Just like the aforementioned TikTok video, this has sparked another weird debate over the merits of The Cheesecake Factory, whether or not it’s a good first date option, and basically a lot of people telling on themselves for engagement.

We can’t imagine that The Cheesecake Factory is mad at any of these discussions and if you’ve been to one of their locations lately, they are hardly ever empty.

Check out some of the reactions to this current debate below.

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I don’t know who needs to hear this, but as someone who when they were single initiated a few first dates @ Michelin ’d spots, only for 85% of my dates to show they were WOEFULLY out of their depth when the menu offerings came around, stop fronting on The Cheesecake Factory!

— Johnta Austin (@johntalsr) October 25, 2023


Ya whole fit from Shein but you refuse to go to Cheesecake Factory lol. Ok baby girl you got it.

— Dennie The Great (@Dennie302) October 24, 2023


I just feel like….we should do a 2018-esque link up at Cheesecake Factory. Super random, like a Thursday, at HH time…

What y’all think?

— A P (@naturallyAP) October 25, 2023


So tired of Cheesecake Factory discourse

— Mel (@TheBaddestMitch) October 25, 2023


Damn…y’all find a new word for me to mute every week. This week’s word is Cheesecake Factory

— Lauren (@IamLaurenGill) October 25, 2023


I’m going to Cheesecake Factory tonight.

— LLCOOLJ (@llcoolj) October 25, 2023


If you really think about it….
Anyone you’ve met and heard say
they hated Cheesecake Factory was more than likely a terrible person.

Red Flag like a mf.

Thats like saying you dont think Coming to America was funny.

Let me gon head and get out ur way.

— CHUCK INGLISH said it. (@Chuckisdope) October 24, 2023


Cheesecake Factory and 4 dozen oysters dates. Viral videos have taught us that poorly acted SKITS can easily monopolize social media discourse for a good week. Now if only this method could be used to spark policy discussions…

— Nicki Mayo (@nickimayonews) October 25, 2023


Y’all really taking that list seriously I promise y’all those women do not exist in real life lmao

— UNRULY (@TRENCHCOATOPERA) October 25, 2023


anybody taking that list seriously has never had a sniff of coochie in their entire lives

— Patty Honcho (@PATTY_HONCHO) October 25, 2023


Me after selecting from the 42 page menu at Cheesecake Factory.

— DeJohnTrae Fullah (@meaux_zay) October 25, 2023


You shop at SHEIN, Temu and Fashion Nova but you can’t eat at Cheesecake Factory…..please STFU.

Social media has people delusional

— #JustShaiy – (@shaiyhoward) October 25, 2023


No way y’all still talkin bout Cheesecake Factory…

— Efi Chéri 🩵 (@yeezyree) October 25, 2023


Y’all be mad some women want expensive first dates when you can just date a woman that’s ok with going to a coffee shop or Cheesecake Factory.

— killakelz (@Chewyah_) October 25, 2023


My TL right now:

Cheesecake Factory
I wore True Religion first
Long ass bullshit text
Good morning tweet
Gender wars

— Thicki Lake (@ShyThugg) October 25, 2023

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