SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Shares Advantages Of Being A Kimchi Ambassador

SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Shares Advantages Of Being A Kimchi Ambassador

Recently, SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi appeared on Salon Drip Season 2 and shared his never-ending love for kimchi!

Host Jang Do Yeon congratulated him on becoming a kimchi ambassador for the brand Jongga and asked him some burning questions!

I wasn’t expecting anything to come out of me loving kimchi so much. I just really like it. (People have seen) on live streams when I’m on live and so 8 years after my debut, fans made a joke about how I’m a ‘kimchi ambassador’ and Jongga saw it! It’s all thanks to the fans.

He also revealed the story on how he held a Vogue photo shoot in collaboration with Jongga.

It was a collaboration with Jongga. I heard this when I was at the pop-up, but the director at VOGUE moved to work at Jongga! A kimchi-themed shoot is a first! Especially with a fashion brand, it’s new but it turned out great.

When asked about his favorite kimchi pairing, his answer was already set!

All of the above!

Host Doyeon also answered the burning question of the benefits to being an ambassador!

Whenever we perform and fans come, we want to thank them. There wasn’t much when we were rookies financially. But these days whenever there’s a chance to meet the fans, I’d say I’d like to give them kimchi! They said they’d be more than glad to send some anytime!

Looks like SEVENTEEN and CARATs won’t be running out kimchi anytime soon!

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