Olympian Athlete Stands Up For Her Fiancé Who Is Embroiled In “Gender” And “Fraud” Controversies

Olympian Athlete Stands Up For Her Fiancé Who Is Embroiled In “Gender” And “Fraud” Controversies

It was recently revealed that former South Korean fencer Nam Hyun Hee was planning to marry a chaebol heir 15 years younger than her.

Nam Hyun Hee | @fencing2020/Instagram

Nam Hyun Hee’s fiancé was Jeon Chung Jo, an apparent equestrian athlete who retired after an injury. It was also reported that he has been operating a performing arts psychology and etiquette education center for children in Korea and was an executive of a well-known global IT company.

However, less than a day after the news of Nam Hyun Hee’s new fiancé, it was revealed that Jeon Chung Jo was a fraud with a criminal background. According to Dispatch on October 25, Jeon Chung Jo had scammed seven people out of ₩300 million KRW (about $224,000 USD) and, as a result, served time in prison. It was also revealed that Jeon Chung Jo was neither a conglomerate chairman’s child out of wedlock nor a former equestrian athlete.

Dispatch Reveals Celebrity Husband’s Criminal Deceits In Damning Exposé

Dispatch also revealed that Jeon Chung Jo was not a man but a woman who often changed her identity based on the target of her scam.

However, Nam Hyun Hee and Jeon Chung Jo are aware of these allegations and have already expressed their stance on them in an interview. In response to the overwhelming attention towards Nam Hyun Hee’s decision to remarry after her divorce, Jeon Chung Jo stated that he knew he would become a target but didn’t mind as long as his family and the people he loves didn’t get hurt.

I expected such reactions when deciding to do the interview. I thought I would become a target anyway. I’ve seen comments like, ‘She’s a scammer,’ ‘She’s not a man but a woman,’ etc. I’m fine. I don’t mind because everything will be revealed over time. However, I really dislike it when the person I love and my family get hurt.

— Jeon Chung Jo

Nam Hyun Hee (left) and Jeon Chung Jo (right) | Woman Chosun

Jeon Chung Jo also asserted that because he’s not a public figure, talking about him recklessly is defamation. Therefore, he claimed that he would respond with legal action.

I am not a public figure, and talking about me recklessly is all defamation. I will coldly respond with legal action. I will strongly get to the bottom of all malicious comments… Hyun Hee and her daughter, Hai, are more precious to me than anyone else, and if it’s something I can do to protect my loved ones, I will do anything in my position.

— Jeon Chung Jo

Nam Hyun Hee also addressed the reason why she didn’t disclose information about Jeon Chung Jo.

There are business reasons, and it’s true that I’m cautious because there are many people involved… I plan to announce it at the end of December before the marriage.

— Nam Hyun Hee

Nam Hyun Hee (left) and Jeon Chung Jo (right) | Woman Chosun

Afterward, both of them expressed their intention to strongly respond to the controversy through their respective social media accounts. Jeon Chung J announced his strong stance in responding to false information.

I am the person who is reported in the paper with Director Nam Hyun Hee. If stories about me or malicious or false information is spread through posts, I will respond strongly.

— Jeon Chung Jo

Nam Hyun Hee stood up for her fiancé amidst the controversy. She thanked everyone for their concerns and congratulations, then stated that she just wanted to be happy. Like Jeon Chung Jo, she will take action against false information.

Thank you for your concerns and congratultions. I just want to be happy now. I will live happily with my daughter. I can’t say everything here, but there seems to be many bad people in the world. As much as you’re concerned for me, I will say what I want to say one by one and live a better life. Thank you… If false or malicious information spreads through recently reported articles or false content, I plan to respond strongly.

— Nam Hyun Hee


Last August, Nam Hyun Hee wrote a personal post on her Instagram regarding her divorce from South Korean cyclist Gong Hyo Suk, whom she married in 2011. She then announced that she had met someone who gave her true and unconditional love.


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