Netizens React To G-Dragon’s Drug Allegations

Netizens reacted to reports stating that G-Dragon has been booked on drug abuse charges.

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On October 25, it was reported that G-Dragon had been charged and booked without detention on drug charges.

G-Dragon Has Reportedly Been Booked For Drug Abuse

The news is a major blow for fans who have been anticipating the idol’s upcoming solo album.

Netizens reacted to the news, with many stating that they weren’t surprised by the news as drug allegations have followed G-Dragon throughout his career. 

“Sigh.” “I’ve seen a lot of people defend him, saying that marijuana isn’t addictive and is less harmful than cigarettes, LOL. I guess it doesn’t matter how dangerous the drug is. I hope the people saying we should legalize marijuana would shut up.” “Wow.” “His fans usually defend him so much. I wonder what they’ll say now.” “What are you guys (government) trying to cover up by releasing all this news?” “Feels like it finally caught up with him, LOL.” “This reminds me of the person who was acting cool and saying that marijuana wasn’t dangerous. Then why are people going to jail because they couldn’t stop using it? LOL.” “You did it again?”

“I’m not very surprised.” “Is this big news?” “I guess once you try drugs, you can’t ever stop.” “The broadcasting companies need to get their act together. Why are they sucking up to celebrities that should be canceled? They are constantly cleaning up his image like idiots.” “Sigh.” “I’m not surprised.”

Meanwhile, YG Entertainment distanced itself from G-Dragon, stating they wouldn’t be able to comment since he’s no longer with the label.

YG Entertainment Distances Itself From G-Dragon Amid Drug Charges

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