Japanese Man Sentenced To 3 Years In Prison For His “Very Stupid” Crime

Japanese Man Sentenced To 3 Years In Prison For His “Very Stupid” Crime

A Japanese man was ordered to go to jail because of what he himself called a “very stupid” crime.

On February 3, 21-year old Ryoga Yoshino uploaded a video of himself licking a soy sauce bottle cap in a sushi restaurant. He was also spotted licking cups and even sushi rolls.

To make matters worse, this was done in a conveyer belt-type of establishment where he placed the contaminated items back on the moving belt. The other diners were exposed to the unhygienic food and containers through this moving contraption.

The sushi chain located in Nagoya, Tokyo, called Kura Sushi, reportedly installed security cameras powered by artificial intelligence in order to stop this trending behavior.

The so-called “sushi terrorism” is a type of prank that is becoming increasingly popular in Japan. It features young boys and girls “licking, spitting, or squirting sanitizer onto other people’s orders as the meals glide past.”

Ryoga Yoshino apologized for his misdemeanor, begging for a lighter sentence. He explained that he filmed himself doing the trend in order to satisfy his need for attention. He now admits that it was a “stupid” decision.

[I made the video] to satisfy my desire for recognition. [It was] was very stupid.

— Ryoga Yoshino

The Nagoya District Court sentenced him to three years in prison.

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