HoneyKomb Brazy Violates Probation, Sentenced to 13.5 Years In Jail

HoneyKomb Brazy Violates Probation, Sentenced to 13.5 Years In Jail

What up gang.

Back with the real you know what’s the deal. In today’s climate, there’s no being a rapper and still acting like you still in the hood proving how gangster you are. HoneyKomb Brazy is learning this the hard way after he crossed the wrong people, and his family is being wiped off the map until they get to him. Now, fear and pride has pushed him to violate his probation, which has cost the rapper a hefty price, his freedom.

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On May 2nd 2021, Alabama native, Nahshon Jones, known to the hip hop community and the streets as HoneyKomb Brazy was just hours away from performing at a concert in Dothan before being surrounded by cops as he was in the whip with a female companion https://youtu.be/BsWq8r29jqM A woman recording would accuse someone of snitching on his location, but officers revealed that HoneyKomb Brazy made it very easy when he sold his own self out by posting his location on Facebook, something that would also come back to haunt him in another situation later on https://youtu.be/BsWq8r29jqM (2:25-2:45) https://youtu.be/2lsKasHHOKs (0:29-0:33) His arrest came as new charges were added to his already extensive rap sheet, the one in focus being violating probation and drug and gun charges. This violation stemmed from a 2016 conviction on charges of being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm. HoneyKomb Brazy was sentenced to 15 years behind bars for the conviction but got a lucky break when he was released on probation in November 2020 after serving 18 months of his sentence, with the condition that he must stay away from drugs, guns, and certain people or habits

Unfortunately, HoneyKomb Brazy couldn’t fight off the urge of his ways and just 5 days after being released on probation, the Alabama rapper was already in a shootout in the street when a car pulled up and opened fired. It turned into a battlefield right then and there in broad daylight as HoneyKomb brazy captured the attack on his life while on live

https://youtu.be/2lsKasHHOKs (0:54-1:14) The video in question was this https://youtu.be/z5uNZ2NEu3Y The shooting also left HoneyKomb Brazy fighting for his life in a coma

But the judge didn’t seem to care whether he was the victim, the target, and the one hit up. He wasn’t even the one holding a weapon but his mans being the ones returning fire to protect themselves. At this point, the law was fed up with HoneyKomb Brazy and they had the evidence to back up why his probation should be revoked and he finish his remaining 13 and a half years locked back away. 

The evidence was damning to be honest and while I can see HoneyKomb Brazy being the victim, his lifestyle and behavior definitely plays a part. Prosecutors would begin piling up accusations to throw the rapper back in jail. Firstly, HoneyKomb Brazy missed multiple check ins with his probation officer J. Taylor. A testimony by Taylor confirmed that when HoneyKomb Brazy was released in November, he did not report for probation until February 2021. Not only that, but HoneyKomb Brazy ghosted right after again and never went back.

Jeff Deen, HoneyKomb Brazy’s defense lawyer stated that his client missed reporting in because he was in fear of his life after witnessing the brutal murder of his grandparents in February. 

Tony and Leila Lewis were shot up and burned in retaliation for HoneyKomb Brazy angering the wrong people. A video surfaced showing the horrific scene with his grandparent’s house engulfed in a ball of flames https://youtu.be/LeCZch5aVBY https://youtu.be/lfzYBapX5-w


But it didn’t stop there. Before HoneyKomb Brazy could even have time to fully mourn the loss of his grandparents, his opps turned their attention to his mother, Tenecsha Jones.

His mom would be the victim of constant attempts on her life as her home was shot up not once, not twice, but a third time in a row https://youtu.be/vF2D671EtAU 


Even with all this, prosecutors weren’t buying into HoneyKomb Brazy being a victim of fear tactics. They presented further evidence that he violated his probation by having guns and supported their claim by playing numerous music videos showing him with various guns. HoneyKomb Brazy’s defense pushed back claiming that there is no proof the guns were real and that they are props for the visual effect of the video as per the disclaimer listed on the music video. They went as far as getting testimonies from both HoneyKomb Brazy’s stepmother, who handles his business affairs, and Reshad McCall, whose company has produced most of the music videos. On record, both confirmed the guns are fake props as well as any money or drugs that appear in those productions. McCall backed up their claims with receipts, standing on him being the one that ordered them, stating that due to his insurance company no real firearms can be used on set.

HoneyKomb Brazy’s defense was moving like clock work, but given the situation and who they were trying to paint a clean image of, it was inevitable to come to one ending conclusion, and the next set of presented evidence by prosecutors sealed HoneyKomb Brazy’s fate. 

Firstly, by conditions of his probabtion release, HoneyKomb Brazy was confined to remaining within Alabama. But prosecutors were throrough with their investigation. They presented evidence showing that Jones aka HoneyKomb Brazy was living in Texas and also spent time in Georgia. That’s an automatical red card in the judge’s eyes and the prosecutors knew it. Now you might be asking, so why didn’t he go the route of paying the fee to transfer his probation to Texas? Well, turns out he did, but his request was denied. This was confirmed by his probation officer.

Things were looking like a done deal for prosecutors, but they held back their ace in the hole. Footage of HoneyKomb Brazy in the shootout showed earlier that almost took his life. In the original clip, you couldn’t really tell HoneyKomb Brazy was even there, but, his habit of putting things online worked against him. Right before the attempted hit on his life occurred, HoneyKomb Brazy was on live where the entire thing was captured. That vid along with another showing the aftermath of the shootout would place him at the scene https://youtu.be/7n2uFds0kGY https://youtu.be/p2W7SqZln2c (1:12-1:37) https://youtu.be/gaXG9jTCJj0 Prosecutors would also expose 15 video clips showing him with guns and drugs online https://youtu.be/p2W7SqZln2c (0:58-1:12) https://youtu.be/2lsKasHHOKs (1:15-1:22) Adding insult to injury, there also existed evidence of HoneyKomb Brazy personally admitting to his probation officer when he finally reported in on February 2021, that he was using marijuana and Percocet.

With all this evidence piled up against the Alabama rapper, there was little at the time that his defense really could do. They tried their very best to block the motion to have his probation revoked and sent back to serve 13.5 years, but prosecutors seemed to have been doing due diligence and watching HoneyKomb Brazy’s every move since he was granted probation release in November 2020 https://youtu.be/2lsKasHHOKs (2:22-2:32) The judge was on their side and also found his actions to be in violation of the leniency they extended to him, and ruled for his remaining 13.5 years to be spent back behind bars. His defense lawyer Jeff Deen hasn’t yet given up on him, stating that while he understands the judge’s decision, HoneyKomb Brazy’s creativity influences and inspires others in his social circle and they plan on appealing the judge’s decision.

It’s just a lose lose situation for HoneyKomb Brazy on all ends. You remain a free man and your life is targeted, you defend yourself or try to get away and you violate your probation and go back to prison where your opps has reach and can get to you with no where to run. Lost his grandparents, nearly lost his mother after multiple attempts on her life, and who knows how many other relatives are living in fear. This is one of the most extreme cases we’ve seem of rappers being targeted by their opps. It definitely goes deeper than just music and may be due to an irreversible action that HoneyKomb Brazy did to someone that doesn’t tolerate disrespect https://youtu.be/2lsKasHHOKs (2:00-2:11) https://youtu.be/2lsKasHHOKs (1:23-1:40) With his high profile life, he can’t hide. Should have just left the streets behind and focus on music, but the cycle continues to repeat. It’s sad what he has to go through, but he’s put himself out there as a true savage and gangster so this is what comes with that territory. It’s going to be one hell of a long road ahead for HoneyKomb Brazy, if he can even survive it behind bars with enemies. May his grandparents rest in peace and his moms stay safe. Until the next one where we chop it up and break it down, be good ya’ll. I’m out



Insider Hotspot Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRomM7ZedDRRo8bPBG8XuFA/videos

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