Here’s 5+ K-Pop Male Idols Who Pulled Off The Popular “Loverboy” Hat

Here’s 5+ K-Pop Male Idols Who Pulled Off The Popular “Loverboy” Hat

With trends changing so quickly in the K-Pop industry, it’s hard to keep up with them all. But recently, the famous Loverboy bunny hat has become a loved fashion item for fans and idols! The hat comes in various colors and versions, allowing idols to give off different styles and looks. Let’s take a look at some idols who wore the popular hat!


음중 빨간 토끼 제이어스 왔다아아아아
볼하트 넘 깜찍해

— 𝙢𝙞𝙙𝙣𝙞𝙜𝙝𝙩 (@andthen_dawn) October 21, 2023

ATEEZ’s Seonghwa

Cat loverboy sowa nahhh more like my loverboy sowa 🥹#TheFellowshipinSingapore #Break_The_Wall_SG#ATEEZinSG#ATEEZ #에이티즈 #SEONGHWA

— →A← (@Jellyfishy_) September 9, 2023

Stray Kids

stray kids in their loverboy beanie

— stray kids pics (@archives_skz) April 1, 2023

THE BOYZ’ Sunwoo

이 새벽에 냅다 기절

— mood (@mood_clip) June 1, 2023

Park Jihoon

230422 마뮤테 팬싸 박지훈

검토 챱 쓰는데 되게 잘 씀
마지막은 메이님한테 인사하는곤데 왤케 이쁘게 인사하나아 시기하고 질투하고༼;´༎ຶ۝ ༎ຶ༽

— 오이구윙 (@529wink) May 31, 2023

Jay Chang

Jay Chang | jaychang63/Instagram


ZEROBASEONE’s Han Yujin | @ZB1_official/Twitter

TXT’s Yeonjun

TXT’s Yeonjun | @salla_de_yj/Twitter

&TEAM’s Nicholas

&TEAM’s Nicholas | @HYBE_LABELS_JP/Twitter



EVNNE’s Keita

얘들아 케이타 OMG다!!!!!!!!!#케이타 #KEITA

— 양이 (@terazonyang_) March 9, 2023

With so many different styles and colors, it really adds a pop of color and personality to idols performances and events! Are there any other idols that rocked this hat that should be added to the list?

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