Dee Alkemist: A story of comeback


What is your name & where are you from?
Dee Alkemist, Sin City, Reppin tha 702, Tha one and only Las Vegas

What got you into music?
I have always been into music since birth and always wanted to be exclusive with it. I unfortunately
went the other route in my life of running the streets and hustling. That put a downward spiral in
life in several different ways. Once I was able to release myself from all those demons that were inside
me and place them behind me, only then I was able to see life a lot clearer and my message is about
change and how a lot of what we experience is what society tells us to experience. (I.e. We did not have
such a high rate of anxiety and depression until we labeled other people and fed them drugs.) After
overcoming death several times, especially this last time with an alcohol-induced seizure and coma it
was an epiphany to never pick up a drink again for 800+ days and counting and never turning back. Since all
of this, I have taken a head dive into music and expression of my art and talent of storytelling and
helping others not experience the same hell we all experience. Because all life experiences are how we
think and feel. So this means we can create our own heaven as well.

What makes you different?
Everything as a lot of people does this for a living. I am this as I am living. I speak on all our lives realities
and struggles and how we can think differently. The majority of us don’t care about how much stuff
we have but how much we are giving back to make a change for the betterment of our entire
humanity. My back story is the biggest thing that makes me very different. I have experienced addiction
several different times. I started as a young child running streets, selling drugs, and doing what I could
for myself as I had a major lack of a support system. I ended up getting addicted to substances beginning
with amphetamines and becoming hooked on opiate pain meds that led to an addiction to heroin in my
arms. I overcame all these obstacles years ago. Just replaced with alcohol. After the pandemic it was a
landslide into our government-provided alcohol that almost took me out. Since that incident, I see that
human life and knowledge of oneself are more important than any dollar amount we can think of. It’s
time for an energy shift and for a community to come back together again. Because let’s look at it… We live
in the United States of America as much and we are divided as a human race and need to get back to
unity on all levels. I’m for the people and here to make a change.

What’s your favorite lyric you made?
I’m sick of society trying to control me, I’m back to multiple personalities Mick Fowley. / Newsletter hear
he hear he hear we go, We all see your bullshit goin outta control, hope you all see it too it’s truly better
to know. Once we all do this too then guess who gets all control.

What do you plan on achieving or promoting?
I am promoting and advocating self-empowerment as we all believe in something, and beliefs are great
but what is your reality? The reality in life is that many of us are hurting and struggling in life. But the

thing we struggle the most with is the power of choice in what we think and believe. Know everything
you have been told is not the full truth yet the truth they want to make you believe. We are all beings
that are capable of anything, but capitalism has oppressed us all in society and said that this is what it is
and what other things are not.

Right and Wrong has been what they make it, Big pharmaceutical companies are the biggest drug
dealers, and yet they are allowed to do that. But if a few years ago you smoked weed to self-medicate
you were arrested and prosecuted for a thing that now is another thing that the government owns. And
said those who are street dealers are wrong and that they are the reason for a lot of the problems but
that makes no sense as the pharmaceutical business kills us legally. Which is almost the exact same thing.
Families ruined, People hurt, No Support or Help Only discipline on what we don’t do with what “They”
say. So now tell me if Right or Wrong exists? Life is not about right or wrong but 100% about effective
and ineffective. And the more we can filter out the negative information that is fed to us unwillingly and
without our knowledge. More we see we still experience slavery, but it looks different as we are slaves
every day while the elite look down and throw peanuts at us (Just enough to not cause a riot) and we accept

I plan on achieving on spreading the word of peace love and happiness so we can all come together
against a society and group of elites dictate how we move. Let’s look around they are doing a shitty job
in my opinion. I’m also teaching others that human life is more than what we have physically but more
about what we have mentally and spiritually. Lastly, let me touch on Belief again because what do you
believe? Check this out Belief is strong, but reality is stronger. We all should believe in a higher power
but don’t wait till you die only to rest in peace. But look at it this way it’s facts you are here right here
and right now. How do you not know this is heaven, but your brain has created a hell out of it? You can
create anything you want but it must first start by making peace with yourself then you can start to
create heaven for others and share what human life experiences we should be experiencing.

What do you want to promote, and when or what are you dropping? Single etc
All my content promotes itself because I speak on what we all experience in one way or another and
been to hell and back just to speak on it and make a change in this world that will cause a ripple effect
around the world for a change NOW and for the generations after the US. As we are all in need of a change
for the better because we can all work together for the better or continue to fight each other while the
people on top holding all materialistic things laugh and watch you through the looking glass just to
watch us make more and more capital for them.

What are your socials?
My music is streaming on all platforms. Dee Alkemist
I am on all socials under Dee Alkemist other than TikTok as it is DeeAlkemist33 don’t miss out on any of
my content as this is not just me as an artist but a movement for a change within us and around us.
Appreciate everyone who is taking this journey with me through our minds. Stay peaceful and stay

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