6 Of The Worst K-Pop Lightsticks, According To Fans

Every K-Pop group’s unique lightstick comes with its own backstory and memories. However, some fans just can’t seem to wrap their head around some of the designs. From poor functionality to weird and questionable shapes, here are 6 lightsticks that fans could do without.


Some fans believe NU’EST W’s lightstick is pretty, but not so functional.

Some fans have experienced issues with the lid closing the battery compartment, making it difficult to use.

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2. Golden Child

Golden Child‘s lightstick is called the “Runebong.” The clever name was created because in Korean, the first letter of Golden Child is “골” (pronounced “gol”). When the character is turned upside down, it looks like “룬” (pronounced “rune”). Since Golden Child’s bowling pin shaped lightstick is turned upside down to cheer, they decided to name it “Runbong”.

However, netizens are unsure of the whole bowling pin aspect of the design.

3. I.O.I.

I.O.I’s official Ice Cream lightstick often receives mixed reactions.

On one hand, it’s a cute soft-served ice cream cone, but on the other hand, it’s definitely a quirky design that isn’t for everyone!

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4. NCT

NCT’s lightstick name is “Meumwonbong”. The Korean word for lightstick, “eungwonbong”. The first part of the word, “eung”, begins and ends with the circular character “ㅇ”. Since NCT’s lightstick is known for its square (or cube) shape, they changed the letter “ㅇ” for the square character, “ㅁ”—which translates to “m” in English. Thus, “eung” became “meum”.

Despite the clever name, some fans are still not onboard with the design.

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5. GOT7

GOT7’s “Ahgabong” draws mixed reactions from netizens…

…and has also been the subject of some very interesting criticism!

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SISTAR’s lightstick features a giant letter “S” with the group’s name and a star inside. Netizens believe a little more creative would have done wonders!

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