These Are The Best Alternatives For Spotify Wrapped That You Can Use Right Now

These Are The Best Alternatives For Spotify Wrapped That You Can Use Right Now

Spotify is getting closer to dropping its annual Wrapped feature, which typically arrives in late November or early December. While tracking for it ends after this month, users can technically get a preview of what their most-listened-to lists will look like by using some alternatives.

First, if you’re feeling chaotic, there is a program called “How Bad Is Your Spotify?” that is an AI bot that looks at your Spotify listening history, and then proceeds to ridicule you for your choices. It also works for Apple Music users, so no one feels left out. (I got roasted a ton for too much Taylor Swift.)

For those who aren’t feeling like being judged on a Tuesday afternoon, there is Instafest, which takes your favorite artists based on streams and turns them into a Coachella-style festival lineup. There’s a high chance you’ve probably seen these on social media, and thought, “How do I get tickets to that?”

And if you’re into pie charts, there’s an alternative called Spotify Pie. This shows your most-played genres over the past month.

Last, but not least, there’s a program called N-Gen that turns your listening history into different types of artwork. There are options for a DNA-style display, some sound waves, a flower, and more.

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