SEVENTEEN Joins Short List Of Boy Groups That Have Reached #1 On MelOn TOP100

SEVENTEEN Joins Short List Of Boy Groups That Have Reached #1 On MelOn TOP100

SEVENTEEN‘s “God of Music” reached the pinnacle of MelOn’s TOP100 chart, joining a select group of boy bands that have achieved this milestone. This accomplishment is a testament to their unwavering talent, hard work, and the undying support of their fandom, Carats. The song, with its catchy melodies and profound lyrics, seemingly resonated with many fans and non-fans alike and became an instant hit.

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It is no small feat to achieve the number one spot on MelOn’s TOP100 ranking, one of South Korea’s most prestigious music charts. This accolade is even more impressive when achieved by boy groups, given the fierce competition in the K-Pop industry. Recently, the Pledis Entertainment boy group added their name to the exclusive list of four boy groups that have claimed this coveted position.

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1. BTS

BTS is no stranger to the MelOn TOP100’s top spot. The global phenomenon has reached #1 with not one but two tracks — “My Universe” and “Yet To Come.” With their genre-blending sounds and heartfelt lyrics, BTS has not only taken South Korea by storm but has also captured the hearts of millions worldwide.


BIGBANG, often hailed as the “Kings of K-Pop,” achieved the top rank with their big comeback single “Still Life.” Known for their eclectic music style and profound impact on the K-Pop industry, BIGBANG’s achievement with “Still Life” was a reflection of their immense popularity and influence, despite years of inactivity.

3. NCT Dream

NCT DREAM, a sub-unit of the larger NCT group, proved their mettle with “Candy.” The remake of H.O.T‘s megahit, with its youthful vibe and catchy chorus, proved to be the recipe for NCT Dream’s success on the prestigious MelOn chart. This milestone is yet more proof of the talent and versatility that exists within the NCT universe.


SEVENTEEN’s inclusion in this elite list showcases the group’s evolution and growth since their debut. Over the years, they have consistently delivered hits, with each track showcasing their unique sound and style. “God of Music” is a culmination of their journey, embodying their musical prowess and their deep connection with fans.

The achievement of these boy groups is not just a reflection of their talent but also their ability to connect with audiences on a deeper level. Each of these tracks, whether it’s BTS’s “My Universe,” BIGBANG’s “Still Life,” NCT DREAM’s “Candy,” or SEVENTEEN’s “God of Music,” has touched the hearts of listeners, making them more than just songs but anthems of their respective eras.

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