“Rent Was Due, Literally”: K-Pop Trainee Beomhan Confesses He Felt Pressured By Company To Make “Cringe” Viral Videos 

“Rent Was Due, Literally”: K-Pop Trainee Beomhan Confesses He Felt Pressured By Company To Make “Cringe” Viral Videos 

K-Pop trainee Beomhan revealed some shocking information regarding his live broadcasts.

Beomhan | FM Entertainment

Beomhan is a Chinese-American rapper trainee, formerly under FM Entertainment. He was a member of the pre-debut group called M.O.N.T Arena. He garnered attention as he toured the United States with soloist Jay Chang and held many live broadcasts.

Jay Chang (left) and Beomhan (right)

While Beomhan gained many fans during this due to his outgoing and charismatic personality, he still received lots of criticism from netizens who called his behavior “cringe.” Previously, he responded to the hate and asked people to refrain from bullying his family, friends, and fans.

But yeah, there are certain things that I wanted to talk about beyond that as well where like first of all, because of that, we’ve been getting a lot of hate. …I think, honestly… It’s fine. Because whatever mean things you have to say about me… like because of this, people were making fun of the way I looked, people were making fun of my family, people were making fun of my fans.

— Beomhan

Now, he has addressed the hate comments again, revealing new information.

Beomhan’s contract with FM Entertainment was terminated in September after he opened up about his struggles. So, he can now talk even more openly about his experience. During a new live broadcast, he shared that his past actions during viral live broadcasts were due to obligations to pay rent.

I got a lot of hate for it ’cause I was like coming off like, kind of cringe. But you have to understand… I was trying to pay the rent … and not just my rent, everybody’s rent!

— Beomhan

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Beomhan explained that he intentionally would do “crazy” or bizarre things during his live broadcasts, hoping it would go viral. He believed that the more successful he was in doing this, the more he could sell fall calls and make money for FM Entertainment.

I started noticing like some clips going viral and stuff. And I was like, I would go live, and I’d be like, ‘This has to go viral! This has to go viral! I have one hour!’ Unless I sell this amount of fan calls for my company, we’re not gonna have air conditioning for the month. So, I would go on live and just say the craziest things, and like, hope to get as many clips as possible within like the hour. ‘His bills are due.’ Literally! ‘Bros had bills to pay.’ Exactly, man!

— Beomhan

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Beomhan thinks that he has chilled out now. He is no longer under pressure to perform and pay everyone’s bills.

But now I’m like a little bit more chill, I think. I still do kinda go crazy sometimes, but back then, it was like super like it was super cringe, you know? But then like I had to be that way. Rent was due, literally.

— Beomhan

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Watch the clip below.


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