Olympic Athlete Announces New Husband But Tip-Offs Claim That He’s Actually A Woman…With A Criminal Record

Olympic Athlete Announces New Husband But Tip-Offs Claim That He’s Actually A Woman…With A Criminal Record

It was previously announced that Olympian fencer Nam Hyun Hee had found a new love after divorcing her husband. She shocked the public when it was made known that her new lover was a chaebol heir 15 years younger than her.

Divorced Olympian Athlete Remarries A Chaebol 15 Years Younger Than Her

He was said to be an equestrian athlete who retired after injury. Since then, he has been operating a performing arts psychology and etiquette education center for children in Korea. It has been reported that he has also worked as an executive in a well-known global IT company. He is also reportedly a third-generation chaebol, a term used to describe someone from a wealthy business family.

Nam Hyun Hee reportedly had her first encounter with her husband through business activities. He proposed a business-related project to her, and they connected after she accepted the proposal. They revealed their relationship through an interview, even participating in a photoshoot.

Nam Hyun Hee and her new lover.

Her new lover’s name is Jeon Chung Jo. Through the interview, he revealed a few details of his personal life. He confirmed that he was born in 1997, and born in America. According to him, he was raised in America and trained as an equestrian. The interview also revealed that he was someone of status and wealth. Nam Hyun Hee recalled their first meeting to be surprising, as he was flanked with bodyguards.

After Nam Hyun Hee’s announcement, many netizens began expressing their concern for her. There were many tip-offs online that suggested that Jeon Chung Jo was a fraud. Shockingly, many claimed that Jeon Chung Ho was actually a girl. During the interview, Nam Hyun Hee had specifically referred to him using terms applied to men, such as “young master.

Netizen comment about Jeon Chung Jo. | theqoo

Jeon Chung Jo is a girl, but she didn’t even change her name while pretending to be a man…? And I’m her school mate. What 3rd generation chaebol? I know that she grew up in Ganghwado. How did Nam Hyun Hee… Please run away quickly. The last I heard of her a few years ago was also that she was going to marry. I heard that they ended up calling off the marriage. She was also really into bluffing back then.

— Netizen

Netizen tip off. | theqoo

Another netizen claimed that Jeon Chung Jo had given birth to a baby before. They also claimed that her upbringing was a lie and that she had never lived in America before.

Hyun Hee! Jeon Chung Jo is a woman and has also given birth before. But you guys are planning on having kids and getting married? Jeon Chung Jo is 100% a girl. And she’s also someone who has a repeated record of fraud at the Incheon Women Penitentiary. Putting that aside, you guys will be in a same-sex marriage. How did you not know that? If you truly treasure your child, don’t marry her.

— Netizen

More tip-offs kept pouring out from people who claimed to know her.

Netizen tip-off. | theqoo

Wow… Jeon Chung Jo? She used to live a floor below us. Back then, she used the name Jeon Chang Jo. Everyone in our block thought she was a man. When the police brought a photo of her and asked if anyone knew this women, we were all shocked to hear that she was a woman… The police came looking for her regarding fraud and another case… I’m worried.

— Netizen

Nam Hyun Hee has a child with her ex-husband, resulting in even more netizens expressing their worry for her. Despite this, many think that Nam Hyun Hee already knows that Jeon Chung Jo is a girl. What concerns them more is Jeon Chung Jo’s various charges for fraud and how she may be fooling Nam Hyun Hee as well. Stay tuned for more news on the couple.

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