DJ Envy & His Real Estate Legal Woes Gets Hilariously Dissected By Black Twitter

DJ Envy & His Real Estate Legal Woes Gets Hilariously Dissected By Black Twitter

DJ Envy is still a free man as of this moment but it appears that the long arm of the law will be closing in on him soon, that is if the allegations of fraud are true. The longtime radio host and entrepreneur is facing a mountain of claims that DJ Envy and Cesar Pina swindled prospective homeowners out of millions in botched real estate deals.

Earlier this month, we shared details of a News 4 NY I-Team report that dug into the nuts and bolts of the alleged real estate fraud claims that DJ Envy and Cesar Pina are facing. Often on his popular morning radio program, The Breakfast Club, Envy would mention the promotion of his real estate partnership with Pina.

Beyond The Breakfast Club, Envy and Pina hit the road for seminars and public appearances promoting methods for others to join in on their real estate hauls and get into flipping houses for profit.

Last week, Pina was arrested and facing charges of wire fraud in connection to the FlippingNJ business that he allegedly operated with Env. Pina pleaded not guilty to the charges and is now free on a $1 million bond. He is required to wear an ankle monitor and cannot leave the state of New Jersey.

Given the explosive nature of the claims and the celebrity status of DJ Envy, it didn’t take long for Black Twitter (yes, we’re still calling it that) to get into the mess with their takes and reactions. Of course, the jokes are all over the place with some even realizing that the writing was on the wall based on some of Envy’s online moves.

Check out the reactions below.

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“So ya’ll just want DJ Envy to go to jail?” – Someone who is scamming too

— Pickleball Paddler (@ShepardHeff) October 24, 2023


DJ Envy has been trending for the last 6 days. Every seminar clip, every property walk through, every Breakfast Club shoutout to Cesar. The FBI aint got SHIT on yall

— . (@CAWBBBB) October 24, 2023


Whoever got this chain should’ve immediately call the police… DJ Envy a fool

— Maybe: Jacoby (@Getthebagcoach) October 23, 2023


DJ Envy followed a nigga who “learned” real estate in PRISON mind you, buddy was in prison for FRAUD

— BASED SAVAGE (@crackcobain__) October 22, 2023


There was so many with this dj envy

— nate (@Nateaverse) October 24, 2023


Nah man this DJ Envy clip hit way different now

— (@concretegenius6) October 19, 2023


Dj envy really went on maino podcast and told the world he let a nigga that learned real estate in prison, teach him how to do real estate “using other ppls money”

— To know me is to me (@Flash1617) October 23, 2023


in every single video of dj envy and his partner in crime they sound and look unsure as hell LMAO

— dij (@NotDijahSB) October 24, 2023


DJ Envy’s American Greed episode gonna be an all timer

— Ahmed/The Ears/IG: BigBizTheGod (@big_business_) October 23, 2023


DJ Envy when they get to asking him how the program work

— ℋ𝒶𝒸𝓀𝒶𝓇𝓎 ℬ𝒾𝓃𝓍 (@BarkyBoogz) October 24, 2023


If you tryna get rich and build generational wealth alongside me. Just cashapp me and I’m going to show you everything you need to know about real estate and investing in properties. Word to DJ Envy and Cesar Pina

— Steven Dingle (@stevozone4_) October 24, 2023


DJ Envy couldn’t make it make sense.

— Petty Pablo (@electricsoul123) October 22, 2023


Me receiving my #LandTrapLord chain after “closing” on my 5th property under DJ Envy

— Project: 2501 (@BradRadcock) October 23, 2023


Again I say, the prosecution is going to have a field day with DJ Envy..

— Elgin Barrett Eugene Smith lll (@Southside_Gunn) October 23, 2023


Dj envy and Cesar was in every video like this and niggas trusted them

— J*tta ♕ (@20Kylies) October 23, 2023


Every video I see dj envy doing most of the talking. The portly height challenged gentlemen off to the side barely talking and looking like he can’t remember if he left the stove on at the crib.

— ……. (@PrinceHAK33M) October 24, 2023


I know who I want on the DJ Envy case

— dor. (@DorianTroy93) October 23, 2023


dawg one of dj envy/cesar victims said the chain they gave him broke off his neck while he was walking

— its wit a x (@exoticnot4rn) October 23, 2023


If DJ Envy goes to jail we need a Desert Storm documentary.

Between Stack Bundles dying, half of the crew being some Latino criminals, Ransom & Joe Budden beefing leading to Ransom in jail, Fabolous being a domestic abuser, Joe Budden beefing with Jay Z &, Dame signing him to…

— Thirstiest Nigga in LA (@ashtonmorris1) October 24, 2023


What up guys it’s DJ Envy , I’m going to teach you how to take an home equity loan out and give it to me

— T A S H (@TASH__P) October 24, 2023


DJ Envy talking to Joe Budden:

— Michael Scarn (@ReggieC_6) October 23, 2023


DJ Envy Who is the Fat Neega You always selling houses with?????

Naaaah They going to hell.

— Vada Fly (@Vada_Fly) October 23, 2023


The thing that kills me the most about this DJ Envy situation is that he preyed on our community.

— The Jobfather (@TheJobfather__) October 24, 2023


DJ Envy struggles to follow news stories on the Breakfast Club, so I can see how he was probably naive and easily got scammed. I don’t think it was willful malfeasance but there’s something to be said about the get to the bag mentality and how it can cloud judgment.

— Blocka Khan (@Starr_Rocque) October 24, 2023


The Breakfast Club is folding little by little. Angela Yee gone and DJ Envy over there scamming.

Me: One less toxic program.

— I’m Outside Again (@RegalBasil) October 24, 2023

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