Devoted Husband Goes Undercover To Cover Up His Wife’s Crime

Devoted Husband Goes Undercover To Cover Up His Wife’s Crime

How far would you go for the love of your life?

A certain Chinese man was even willing to risk being jailed for the sake of his wife!

Last August 8, a man who goes by the last name Zhu, snuck into the hospital where his wife, Huang, was admitted after being caught driving under the influence. The woman was taken in for a blood test in order to confirm her criminal liability.


A strange finding in the sample alerted the authorities that something was amiss. Just a few hours after Huang’s blood was taken, medical technicians found that her alcohol level had dropped to zero—impossible considering her inebriation just a few hours before.

Police launched an investigation and found Zhu sneaking into the hospital office disguised as a doctor in a white robe. They saw him pouring large amounts of water into his wife’s blood sample in order to dilute the alcohol in it, removing the evidence that she was driving while drunk.


Authorities used a backup sample of Huang’s blood to re-do the test. The clean sample confirmed their suspicions that she was well over the alcohol limit at the time of her arrest.

Chinese netizens took to online communities to express their amazement at Zhu’s loyalty as a husband—as well as his failure at getting the job done.

As a husband, he is qualified. As a secret agent, he is a failure. I could not stop laughing. He could have diluted it a bit less. How much water did he add to reach zero alcohol concentration? Too much. He only needed to dilute it a bit. Diluting it too much was obviously suspicious. Such a wife-doting madman!

Huang faces the possibility of losing her driver’s license for five years.

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