‘Counter-Strike 2”s “most serious bug” is spinning too fast, say fans

‘Counter-Strike 2”s “most serious bug” is spinning too fast, say fans

A couple of Counter-Strike 2 players have shown that the game will ban those who are spinning around too fast in the warm up, and fans are unimpressed.

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Like a large number of other games on the distribution service, Counter-Strike 2 is subject to Valve‘s VAC Live system – “VAC” stands for “Valve Anti-Cheat”.

Cheating is constantly evolving in online competitive games and so developers must react to the illegitimate players’ newest strategies that try to circumvent their own anti-cheat systems.

‘Counter-Strike 2’ Credit: Valve.

However, Counter-Strike 2‘s anti-cheat system has been overly zealous on occasion, falsely flagging those who are using an AMD Anti-Lag+ feature. Now, it’s affecting players who spin their mouse too fast.

Via PCGamesN, two YouTubers explained that setting their mouse’s dots per inch sensitivity setting to a number above 10,000 and then spinning their mouse in the warm up section will incur a ban.

“This is probably the most serious bug in [Counter-Strike 2],” argued another, X user Jigglypuff64942, in a thread of posts that showed them being hit with a ban in less than one minute for the same thing.

It is possible that Valve’s VAC Live system perceives this to be “spin botting”. Cheaters use this to simultaneously act as a harder target to hit due to the disruptive actions and the aiming hack will instantly snap to and shoot at any target that enters the player’s range.

‘Counter-Strike 2’ Credit: Valve

Still, if players are unaware and prefer to play with a high dots per inch sensitivity setting, this could cause them to be banned from Counter-Strike 2 without actually being a bad actor.

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