Check out this free ‘Frasier’ and ‘Final Fantasy’ mashup game

Check out this free ‘Frasier’ and ‘Final Fantasy’ mashup game

Frasier Fantasy is a parody of both Frasier and Final Fantasy, tasking the player with throwing the ultimate dinner party, and it’s free to play.

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Developer and composer Edward La Barbera credited the game’s concept to Lost In Cult illustrator Stephen Maurice Graham, who mocked up a “single boxed copy of Frasier Fantasy back in 2020. Check out the trailer below:

Frasier Fantasy is a loving tribute to the show, Frasier, in turn-based RPG form. Filled with Easter Eggs and callbacks, this is the game for anyone wondering if Eddie ever blinked first,” read the game’s description on, where it is playable for free through the browser.

After about two months of the development of art, music and programming, Frasier Fantasy then went through another month of debugging and beta testing to ensure the game would play properly.

La Barbera has also included the ROM (read only memory) of the game for Game Boy Advance, so Frasier Fantasy is compatible with the console it is mimicking.

Fans of both the game’s original inspirations have heaped praise on the title, specifically for the details like the in-jokes of the show, the sounds and soundtrack, and the ingenuity of the boss battles.

NME awarded the show’s recent reboot four out of five stars in its review, lamenting the omission of Frasier’s younger brother Niles but praising the way that the writers have evolved fresh and familiar characters into the 2020s.

“[Kelsey] Grammer effortlessly slips back into his sherry-swigging, opera-loving fop, while [Nicholas] Lyndhurst’s boozy, lazy academic makes a good foil for Frasier (just about the only thing he seems to care about, aside from 25-year-old Scotch, is his cat Margaret Scratcher),” said James Mottram of the two central characters.

In other gaming news, Dota 2 and Scotch whiskey brand Ballantine’s collaborated to celebrate the game’s 10th anniversary, offering fans a set of limited-edition bottles.

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