Actor Lee Sun Kyun Is A VIP Member At The Exclusive “1%” Adult Establishment Where He Used Drugs

Actor Lee Sun Kyun Is A VIP Member At The Exclusive “1%” Adult Establishment Where He Used Drugs

Amidst actor Lee Sun Kyun‘s drug case, it has been revealed that he was a VIP at a so-called “1% room salon,” frequented only by top-level people.

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Earlier this week, Lee Sun Kyun, known for many hit productions, such as Parasite and My Mister, was confirmed as the top actor being investigated for using drugs. Since then, it was revealed that he used drugs at an adult establishment with an aspiring celebrity, a chaebol heiress, a former variety show star, workers, and more. He was also blackmailed of ₩300 million KRW (about $224,000 USD) from his drug dealer, who turned out to be the manager of the adult establishment he had visited.

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On October 24, details about where Lee Sun Kyun took drugs were released. The location was identified as the “G establishment” in Seoul’s Gangnam area. Initially, news outlets reported the location as a “tenpro” establishment. The slang term “tenpro” means that only the “top ten percentile of women” work as adult workers to escort top-level figures and that the establishment takes 10% as a table charge.

However, it was recently revealed that Lee Sun Kyun did not visit a “tenpro” establishment but a room salon operated on a membership basis. It was a “1% room salon” exclusive to the most famous athletes, celebrities, and high-ranking figures, and difficult for the general public to enter. Room salons are establishments with private rooms where hostesses entertain customers and often fronts for prostitution.

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“1%” establishments, including the “G establishment” that Lee Sun Kyun visited, have been reported to have table charges ranging from ₩8.00 million KRW (about $5,960 USD) to ₩10.0 million KRW (about $7,450 USD) for a table of three to four people. The staff of the room salons takes table charges of about ₩2.00 million KRW (about $1,490 USD).

Lee Sun Kyun, who learned about the “G establishment” through an acquaintance, became a regular customer by building a friendship with Manager A and eventually committed crimes such as taking marijuana multiple times at Manager A’s residence.

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The Incheon Police Narcotics Crime Investigation Unit received a tip last month that “Manager A at the ‘G establishment’ is using drugs with VIPs,” which resulted in Lee Sun Kyun and many others getting investigated.

On September 21, the police arrested Manager A on drug charges, and during the investigation, Lee Sun Kyun, who was under investigation, has now been officially turned into a suspect, and a full-scale investigation is underway.

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The police plan to apply for a search warrant for a physical search of Lee Sun Kyun’s urine and hair this week. It has been reported that the police will expand the investigation, as they suspect that he used not only marijuana but also various types of other drugs.

Lee Sun Kyun has filed a criminal complaint against Manager A, accusing her of extortion, claiming that he was threatened and extorted a considerable amount of money in connection with the drug case.

Another entertainment bar was built on the site of the “G establishment” where Lee Sun Kyun’s drug case broke out. | New Daily

According to the results of a local news report on October 24, it has been confirmed that another entertainment establishment called “M establishment” has taken the place of the originally located “G establishment.” The location of the “G establishment” moved has not been disclosed.

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