A Video Of An Israeli Soldier Dancing To K-Pop Goes Viral To Netizens Ire

A Video Of An Israeli Soldier Dancing To K-Pop Goes Viral To Netizens Ire

Currently, the world has its focus on the Israel-Palestine conflict that has left thousands of innocents dead and at least 12,000 injured. Following Hamas‘ October 7 attack on Israel, reports of continuous retaliatory airstrikes have occurred over the last two weeks as the region goes through food, water, and electricity shortages.


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One aspect of the coverage of the last two weeks’ events that have been continually criticized is the media coverage, as many online have reported inaccuracies with information shared even by state-run accounts.

Many have called out the usage of propaganda, especially content shared by the IDF (Israel Defense Force).

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The IDF is the national military of Israel, staffed by conscription of men and women for 32 and 24 months, respectively. Through the years, those in the IDF have shared content many have found to be disrespectful in light of the shortages those in the Gaza Strip have been suffering though.


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Many countries have criticized military propaganda in general for “glamorizing” the experience, and a recent video with an unexpected K-Pop aspect has gone viral.

A video showing TikTok user @yochanan.ohev.kpop dressed in IDF gear dancing to KISS OF LIFE Natty‘s solo “Sugarcoat” was posted on Twitter, quickly gaining over 14 million views.

While Palestinian children are being hit with ISRAELI BOMBS, the Israeli military makes TikToks. pic.twitter.com/6PoNy6xC6y

— Jackson Hinkle (@jacksonhinklle) October 21, 2023

While many netizens criticized the content in general, those who recognized the song were especially upset over it being used.

i just… idek what to say. he can’t dance first of all, second of all this is just their way of appealing to younger audiences to spread their filthy propaganda https://t.co/ligR8rkKGE pic.twitter.com/qgEXzCvAVN

— n (@lesbiansuryeon) October 24, 2023

i dont know what i was expecting but it defenitely wasnt sugarcoat free natty and palenstine https://t.co/RzMalT3NPA

— ☾ (@vocalrachalvr) October 24, 2023

theyre trying to appeal to kpop fans…… https://t.co/ug1oE6rKGW

— mai ୨୧ (@haseulsgf) October 23, 2023

Pas lui qui utilise ma chanson pour sa propagande de merde.
I hope KISS OF LIFE will sue his ass!!! https://t.co/WjKyZr1JsN

— paranoia (@pikapinx) October 23, 2023

do you know how ridiculous this is?!? people are dying in Gaza and in the west Bank and there’s this guy here in the idf dancing to kpop like what?! https://t.co/IdpE2guN7m

— joanna (@MITSUR1S) October 23, 2023

Some K-Pop idols have shown their support of Palestine, which you can read about below.

5+ K-Pop Idols Who Have Shown Support For Palestine

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