Exclusive: listen to the ‘Lords Of The Fallen’ soundtrack ahead of launch

Lords Of The Fallen. Credit: Hexworks.

Developer Hexworks has revealed plans for a digital and physical soundtrack release of its upcoming action game Lords Of The Fallen – check out an exclusive sample below.

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While Lords Of The Fallen launches this Friday (October 13), fans will be able to listen to its soundtrack slightly early.

That’s because Laced Records, part of Keywords Studios, has announced it will launch the soundtrack on music platforms and deluxe vinyl.

The score will be released digitally on October 11, and can be pre-saved here. Meanwhile, pre-orders for a three-disc vinyl set are planned to open after Lords Of The Fallen‘s launch.

You can check out a sample of the game’s music below.

Music for Lords Of The Fallen was created by composers Cris Velasco (God Of War, Bloodborne) and Knut Avenstroup Haugen (Conan Exiles, 2014’s Lords Of The Fallen).

“Once I saw the concept art and an early gameplay video, the aesthetics were pretty obvious: this game was going to be scary,” shared Velasco. “The takeaway was to make the music aggressive and dark, but also thematic when appropriate. There was no room for light fantasy or quirkiness here. The music needed to be visceral in the best way.”

Meanwhile, Haugen said he “couldn’t wait to dive back into this universe” after composing the original Lords Of The Fallen, and leaned into the game’s gothic nature.

“I had the realisation when working on certain cues that I was actually composing a requiem mass,” Haugen added. “Everything in the game is about death: the expectation of death, the violence, the consolation; the memory of times and events long gone; the transition from the pure to the corrupted. It is deeply rooted in both the music and the lyrics.”

Earlier in the year, Hexworks shared that it wants to be the “second reference” for games in the soulslike genre.

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