[K-Exclusive]: Loossemble Wraps Up Debut Ceremony U.S. Showcase Tour

Loossemble finished up their first U.S. tour this past Saturday at the Kia Forum in Inglewood, CA. The members — Hyunjin, Yeojin, Vivi, Gowon and Hyeju — brought their A-game to the legendary venue, as they performed songs from their debut mini album, played games, and spent valuable time with their fans.

The show kicked off with a performance of “Real World,” as the Loossemble members assembled on the large stage. The upbeat song paired perfectly with the group’s colorful stage outfits, setting the tone for the evening. After a quick self introduction by each of the five members, the next song up was yet another cheerful summer song, “Strawberry Soda.” For this performance, the group spread across the wide stage to greet all of their fans, who they referred to as “Crew,” and came together in the center for the chorus to do an easy and catchy group dance.

Following the first two stages, the group settled down in their seats for a talk section to introduce their mini album. Since the tour was titled as a showcase rather than a full concert, Loossemble members took extra time talking and playing games on stage instead of only performing. They put together an “Album Color Talk,” which had the members pairing a specific color to each track on the mini album to encompass the feeling and emotions they felt with those specific songs. They shared fun stories from recording their album, which included other members such as Yves, and from recording their music video for title song “Sensitive.” The Color Talk was followed by a quick photo time, where the members posed for photos for the fans while incorporating unique ways of creating the “LA” symbol, the playing of their music video for “Sensitive,” and a VCR showing behind-the-scenes clips of the group during the mini album jacket photoshoot.

After the VCR, Loossemble returned to the stage once again — in school uniform inspired outfits — to perform an English version of their song “Sensitive,” a special gift prepared for their international fans. As a special gift for the group themselves, their dancers even prepared a small message thanking the members during the performance, too, nearly moving the girls to tears. This was followed by a random play dance segment, which included several of LOONA’s songs such as “Hi High,” “So What,” and “Paint the Town,” much to the fans’ delight. Next up was a photo sharing section, where the members shared photos they took in LA, sharing stories of the time they’ve spent in the city. The members talked about going to Universal Studios Hollywood and enjoying Super Nintendo World, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and churros, Santa Monica Beach to enjoy the sunset, and more. The group then went into their “Loossemble’s Balance Game,” where the members had to choose between two answers to questions displayed on the screen. Questions ranged from asking if the group preferred filming music videos in the summer or in the winter, to seeing if they’d rather wear regular clothes on stage or stage outfits all day. Closing out this engagement portion of the show, the group prepared the “CLoo Wish Moon” corner, which had them reading fan notes while stressed out because the questions did not contain Korean translations. Fans were curious about what Disney princesses the members thought they were, their tour memories, behind-the-scenes stories, Harry Potter houses, and more.

Getting ready to perform once again, the next song up was “Newtopia,” a sweet song perfect to mark the beginning of the end of the show. The girls prepared to take a group photo with the fans, the lights suddenly turned off instead of on, as the group was surprised with a cake to congratulate Loossemble on their debut. The group then took their group photo and bid goodbye to their fans, bringing Yeojin to tears, and the final song of the evening was “Colouring.” Not ready to end the night so soon, the five Loossemble members returned once again for an encore performance of “Day By Day,” before officially saying goodbye and closing out the U.S. tour.

While the group is not new to touring stateside or performing sold out concerts, Loossemble’s tour was even more meaningful because of the hardships they had gone through in the past year with their company. Full of genuine gratitude for their fans, the evening ended with the group promising to return to the U.S. as soon as they could.

Thank you to Loossemble’s team for allowing Officially Kmusic to attend the show, and make sure to check out our full gallery from the concert on our Facebook page now!

Written & Edited By Ephney Tsai

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