Action Bronson’s “Baby Blue” allegedly steals beat from Kay Nine Tha Boss’ “Try Me”

Action Bronson’s “Baby Blue” allegedly steals beat from Kay Nine Tha Boss’ “Try Me”

Kay Nine Tha Boss

The industry can be a messy place, something that Kay Nine Tha Boss is learning after hearing his beat on Action Bronson’s “Baby Blue.” 

In 2011, rapper Kay Nine Tha Boss released his music video for single “Try Me” featuring Jayo Felony from his 2012 sophomore album “Tha Backstreets.” Since then, fans of his music have constantly reached out to the rapper with the same complaint of his beat being stolen. Their claim was in reference to mainstream artist Action Bronson due to his debut commercial song “Baby Blue” featuring Chance The Rapper. As time passed, the messages expressing the same sentiments from fans escalated with resentment for the actions of Action Bronson.

Upon the outrage by his fans, Kay Nine listened to the beat of Action Bronson’s “Baby Blue” and found that fans were in fact right about the similarities in the beat. The main part of the beat’s piano rips matches that of Kay Nine’s “Try Me.” Initially Kay Nine didn’t feel the need to address the issue and instead of feeling upset, allowed his sound and style of music to speak for itself. Fans however, continued to send messages, noticeable very loyal and supportive of Kay Nine Tha Boss. This prompted Kay Nine to realize that he cannot allow his work and creativity to be stolen unchecked. With Action Bronson’s flow already being almost a mirror version of Ghost Face Killer from the Wu-Tang Clan, Kay Nine Tha Boss does not want his beat to also be mimicked. Kay Nine Tha Boss has now come forward to voice his rights as an artist in an attempt to right this wrong and retain his creative property.

Below is a link to Kay Nine’s response and a comparison of “Try Me” and “Baby Blue.” Give a listen and support Kay Nine Tha Boss in having what’s rightfully his.

Kay Nine Tha Boss video response:

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