Baltimore Post-Punk Project Twings Debuts Nostalgic New Single “The Call”

Baltimore, 2023: Amidst the spirited clamoir of the harbor city, a new post-punk outfit called Twings materialized. Their oeuvre is a perky salute to the effervescent ’80s UK, drawing inspiration from post-punk beats and the zest of The Specials. Today marks the unveiling of their sumptuous debut, “The Call.”

Twings, with their signature mystique, weave a mesmeric allure in “The Call,” captivating even the most refined listeners. With depth and emotion at its core, their sound resonates with an unmistakable fervor; a delicate interplay of nostalgia and fervency, coaxing the audience into a contemplative trance.

Guiding this musical ensemble, lead vocalist Charlie Hughes evokes the essence of greats like Roland Orzabal, Julian Cope and Ian McCulloch, pouring emotion into every lyrical cascade, all set against a backdrop of expansive synths and rhythmic pulse. It’s a dance, where yesterday gleefully steps into today’s embrace.

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