Bootleg drops “City of Lead”


The revolutionary music has mostly associated itself with governance and public issues. It attracts a large share of attention when people are awakened with the support of music. However, when you have  quality music which tells the story around the public issues, it’s a like musical diary which opens your ears to the issues. It’s grabs the attention of the listeners who haven’t read about the issues. Bootleg, has definitely earned a name for himself on the music scene. He is also a great pillar in his community in Flint Michigan.

He made his start with the Dayton family, which s an American Hip Hop group from Flint Michigan comprises Bootleg, Shoestring and Backstabba. The name is derived from Dayton Street, remembered as very crime ridden area of its time. Bootleg recently introduced “City Of Lead” single track. He speaks through the experience of life. The “City Of Lead” highlights the street problems with the main concern on water crisis in Flint Michigan. The way of making the public problems prominent attracts larger audience. The first album was introduced in 1995 named “What’s On My Mind”. Later on after a year another “Gold Selling FBI” was introduced. Both the album jolted the heart of audience with quality rap. This exceptional style of performance makes the space in public minds.

The “City of Lead” is likewise an eye opener for masses and administration.  The video apart from Spotify and other social media channels went viral on YouTube and gathered the bigger fan following the public yet awaits another best hits from Dayton Family.

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