LIBERATI Releases Kinetic New Single ‘Famous’

‘Famous’ is the latest work from Los Angeles based artist LIBERATI. A funky bassline, enormous, extravagant and driving drum pattern push the listener into overdrive. Bring in the groovy electric guitar, glamorous synths and bombastic production and you are left with a track that can only be described as how a firework would sound. Everything in the track is awe-inspiring, whether that’s the chorus or the flamboyant saxophone solo, it all moves to bring a smile to your face and movement to your feet. More impressively, LIBERATI produced, mixed and played the majority of instruments on “Famous,” showcasing the depth of his music industry knowledge.

On the new release, he says, “I had this old instrumental track I laid down one night as a pop song concept, and then somehow forgot about it for a good 6-9 months. It was mostly 80s style synths and a programmed drum groove. It was fun, but felt a bit lifeless until one night I came up with the bass line with a brand new bass I’d been dreaming about for most of my life. My wife got me this vintage style Fender P bass for our first anniversary. I plugged it in and immediately started smiling and grooving. After that, I couldn’t put the song down and knew it needed to be my next single.”

Getting into music through his uncle, a renowned musician in the area around his birthplace, Belmont, Ohio, LIBERATI describes himself as someone who marries Midwestern charm with the dreamy summertime magic of the West Coast to create a synth-driven sound that pays homage to his heroes of the 80’s with the modern story-telling we see in bands today. He has garnered over six thousand TV and Film placements with his music including spots on Too Hot to Handle, 90 Day Fiancé and Married at First Sight as well as places on major US television broadcasters such as HBO, ESPN, MTV, CBS, and NBC.

His dedicated fanbase has helped him to gain over 140k streams on his latest single “Find Out” and 100k streams of his 2021 debut album ‘Endless Summer’ **as well as building a substantial social media presence on Instagram and TikTok. This growth shows no signs of stopping and is testament to where the artist is headed in the future.

“I was walking my dog one night while simultaneously scrolling through Instagram and TikTok. I had walked close to a full block when I finally looked up and saw the most gorgeous sunset. I got really sad thinking I could have missed the beauty right in front of me being too concerned with what was going on online. During that scrolling, I saw some former friends who had fallen out of touch in their pursuit of fame, losing themselves in the process. It struck a nerve with me, so I jotted down a few facetious lyrics and titled the idea ‘Famous.’”

LIBERATI describes a great day as cruising Pacific Coast Highway, top down in a Jeep truck, blasting Tears for Fears during golden hour on the way to his favourite winery. He refers to this as the “heartbeat of inspiration”. To describe the new single in the most concise of ways, it is the perfect soundtrack for that day. Listeners will be transported to a summer evening with a beautiful sunset. LIBERATI is unquestionably one to watch in the coming year, with continuous success in his releases. Whatever he releases next, it’s sure to portray another wonderfully charming moment for your listening pleasure.

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