Texas Synth Pop Outfit Don’t Get Lemon Gives Us Some Sugar in Their Video for “Blow-Up”

Texas Synth Pop Outfit Don’t Get Lemon Gives Us Some Sugar in Their Video for “Blow-Up”

Playing with the fear that grows in bugs

It brings out all of our inner thugs

Playing with your shoehorned sympathy

There’s a false dichotomy

Bursting forth with inspirations ranging from Danish synth and the nostalgic, edgy beat of 80s New Wave, Texas dance-pop outfit Don’t Get Lemon carves a niche for themselves with their quirky blend of humour and the bizarre. They draw inspiration from the oft-grotesque, yet intriguing realities that populate our collective existence, deftly weaving a rich tapestry of dance music that swirls into a vibrant vortex of sound, a perfect foil to the harsh, tedious grey that so often taints our world.

Named in homage to Michelangelo Antonioni’s 1966 iconic swinging London suspense film “Blow-Up,” Don’t Get Lemon’s curious yet effervescent new single delves into the unseen, obscure depths of reality. Their lyrics are an intriguing mosaic, meticulously crafted using William Burroughs’ famed cut-up technique.

These elements converge to form an irresistible melody, a siren’s call that dissects and reimagines the typical 3-minute pop song. With “Blow-Up”, Don’t Get Lemon ventures into uncharted territories, challenging the norms and ushering in a new era for pop music – one where sweetness meets darkness, and the familiar is intertwined with the avant-garde.

The result is a masterpiece that pays tribute to these cultural icons and carves a new path. The retro-tinted video, directed by Jennifer Battaglia, shares a visual narrative infused with the haunting, suburban gothic allure of David Lynch’s “Blue Velvet” and the surreal, verging on camp mystery of Blow-Up. There’s no body in the park to report here, though – just piles and piles of sugar cubes and a rousing chorus hook.

Watch the video for “Blow-Up” below:

Based in the vast, scorching expanse of Texas, this audacious electronic music trio shun conventional genre labels, instead choosing to christen their unique sound as “heatwave.”

At the heart of Don’t Get Lemon’s electronic-pop tunes is the unmistakable gravelly timbre of Austin Curtis’ baritone, the voice that narrates tales of impending doom and impish paranoia with an unabashed delight. Meanwhile, the sonic landscape around him is a vibrant frenzy, courtesy of the maximalist and energetic compositions concocted by fellow creative geniuses, Nick Ross and Bryan Walters.

Listen to the single below:

DGL will be playing several dates across Texas with Holy Wire in late May.

  • May 25th at Feels So Good, Austin 
  • May 26th at Vice Versa, San Antonio 
  • May 27th at Double Wide, Dallas 
  • May 28th at The End, Houston 

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