Brazilian Psych-Rockers BIKE Unleash New Album “Arte Bruta”

Brazilian outfit BIKE unearths their latest musical artifact, ‘Arte Bruta,’ a testament to the band’s audacious spirit of sonic adventurism. This avant-garde ensemble, unbounded by genre, weaves an eclectic tapestry of sound, forging a path through the psychedelia of the 60s, the vibrant Tropicalia of the 70s, the motoric rhythms of Krautrock, and the intricate layerings of prog rock.

This auditory concoction stirred with an Afro-Brazilian rhythm, extends across the album like an uncharted musical landscape, rich in texture, steeped in history yet wholly contemporary. Far from resting on their laurels, BIKE pushes past the known boundaries of music, venturing into the wild, unexplored territories of their own artistic expression. ‘Arte Bruta,’ with its audacious palette of influences, is not just an album – it is an expedition into the very soul of music itself.

The band’s approach, starting with the title and the concept, mirrors a commitment to thematic cohesion. The title ‘Arte Bruta‘ (which translates to ‘Raw Art’) is a nod to the Art Brut movement, a term coined by French artist Jean Dubuffet to describe art created outside the boundaries of official culture. The creators in this movement often didn’t realize their work could be seen as art, and it was typically marked by its raw, unfiltered aesthetic. This same ethos seems to be present in BIKE’s work, with the band drawing on the ‘clash between artistic sophistication and the harshness of brutality’ in their latest album.

The pandemic’s downtime seems to have provided the band with a unique opportunity to develop their artistic vision further, allowing them to fully realize the ambitious concept behind ‘Arte Bruta‘. As such, the album might be seen not just as a new musical release, but also a deep exploration of the nature of art, creation, and perception. Given the band’s experimental nature and their drive for continual evolution, fans of BIKE and new listeners alike will likely find ‘Arte Bruta’ to be a compelling and thought-provoking listen.

As of May 5, the ‘Arte Bruta’ album is available from fine digital platforms, including SpotifyApple Music, and Bandcamp.

Formed in the year 2015 by the visionary quartet of Julito Cavalcante (guitar and vocals), Diego Xavier (guitar and voice), Daniel Fumega (drums), and João Gouvea (bass), BIKE’s odyssey has been one of expansive voyages, not just in the sonic realm, but across the physical map as well.

Distinguishing themselves as the solitary Brazilian act to have their music (‘Enigma Do Dente Falso’ in 2014) emanate from the 30th Century Records, a brainchild of revered American producer Danger Mouse, BIKE has also made appearances on Seattle’s prestigious KEXP, at SXSW and Treefort Music Fest. They’ve shared stages with The Black Angels, Os Mutantes, and The Brian Jonestown Massacre. Their tireless pursuit of music has also seen them conquer Europe thrice and perform in over 400 shows spanning 16 states in Brazil.

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