[K-Exclusive]: SURL’s First U.S. Tour Stops By Chicago

As part of their “review of us” U.S. tour, SURL performed for a dedicated audience during their first visit to Chicago.

The show started out with the band’s tour opener, Kaz Moon, performing some of his best known songs, which included “Left Hand,” “Twice,” which was inspired by the girl group of the same name, and his latest release, “A Lot to Explain.” Specific to their Chicago stop, local band Smut also performed a set, drawing in a crowd of their own.

When SURL finally stepped on stage, the crowd was already hyped up and ready for the memorable night. Opening their set with “Dry Flower,” the screams of the crowd only grew with each chord progression. The band played several fan-favorite songs, such as “Don’t Say No” and “Cilla,” and their self-produced music truly lit up the energy in the quaint venue.

Even as the evening drew to a close, the crowd continued cheering as if it was only the beginning. Despite having a slower pace, songs like “Around” and “The Lights Behind You” still added to the ambiance and vibes of the show. Ending on a high note, however, the band concluded the show with a powerful round of songs, transitioning from “NO JAM” to “WHAT TIME IS IT NOW?” before officially exiting the stage.

What felt like only minutes was actually a night of energetic rock instrumentals and vocals that left the crowd yearning for more. Special thank you to SURL and team for allowing Kmusic to attend, and make sure to head to our Facebook page now to check out all photos from the show!

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