[K-Exclusive]: OnlyOneOf Sets Off on First U.S. Tour

Embarking on their first U.S. tour, OnlyOneOf showed out for their third stop, in Minneapolis.

Opening the show with their latest track, “SeOul drift,” the group continued the momentum with “savanna” and “Sage,” both respective releases from their debut year. Apart from their hypnotic choreography that meshed with the sensual lyrics of their songs, fans were excited to greet the six-member group for the first time.

Despite the flashy teases of their wardrobe and the mature nature of their lyrics, the members were still playfully interactive with their fans, even learning some English slang that was used throughout the course of the night. From the catchy track of “Skinz” to their first English track version of “dOra maar,” fans were quick to pick out their favorite phrases that made the song memorable. The latter being the only track with full English lyrics made it that much more memorable, as it provided a performance with no language barrier.

For a night filled with firsts, OnlyOneOf also prepared solo track performances of “Begin” by YooJung and “Because” by Rie, with joint choreography from the rest of the group throughout each track. Keeping up the energy even towards the beginning of the encore, the performance of their third EP’s title track, “LibidO,” was a crowd favorite. The official encore of the night continued on with the lighter melodies of “blOssOm” and “OnlyOneOf yOu,” contrasting with their usual style.

The night successfully finished and was made memorable with the adoration and love that fueled OnlyOneOf’s first U.S. tour. Special thanks to OnlyOneOf’s team and Studio PAV for allowing Kmusic to attend, and make sure to check out our Facebook page now for all photos from the show!

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