McKinley Dixon Acknowledges the Stakes on New Single “Run, Run, Run”
Photography: Jimmie Fontaine

Maryland-born rapper McKinley Dixon continues to build early momentum with his latest single “Run, Run, Run”, as he gears up to drop his sophomore studio album.

The upbeat fusion of vintage 90s production and jazz-styled instrumentation takes on the task of engaging listeners as McKinley delivers his take on gun violence within our communities. The high-energy feeling that the record radiates launches spectators out of their seats and keeps them moving as McKinley flaunts a balance of groovy melodies and poignant poetry. The single is supported by accompanying visuals that presents a grand exhibition of McKinley’s expressive mind, rapping in the halls of an old building as the janitor launches into captivating choreography. 

Despite it carrying a heavy weight of lyrical significance, “Run, Run, Run” strikes an uncommon balance of delivering a message without getting lost in the gravity of the topic. It instead applies that urgency into a lively, jazzy instrumental that keeps listeners moving as they slowly unpack the bleak message of gun violence in modern America.

“Run, Run, Run” will be included as track four on Dixon’s upcoming album, Beloved! Paradise! Jazz!?, due for release on June 2, 2023 via City Slang Records.

Watch the music video for McKinley Dixon’s “Run, Run, Run” below.

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