Nessie Releases New Offering “Love or Lust”

In the current music game, being good at what you do and pouring raw, real emotion into your records is what truly sets the bar and makes an artist last. Nessie, currently making waves with his latest releases has been very consistent with his discography. Born in Italy and raised in San Diego, California, the artist has a wide variety of releases that’ll definitely resonate with just about anybody.

His latest release: “Love or Lust” tells the story of “an individual battling the person they are when they’re alone and the effects of relationships” and it does not disappoint one bit. From the production, to the unique vocal approach, it’s a great listen start to finish. If there’s one thing we’re for sure of – it’s that Nessie is in this game for the long run.

Be sure to keep an eye out for Nessie and everything he has coming next.

Stream “Love or Lust” now:

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