After Jessi, HyunA And Dawn Also Set To Leave P Nation

HyunA and Dawn are leaving P Nation after three years of signing with the label. The company announced their departure via an official press statement on August 29.

Hyuna Dawn
| @hyunah.aa/Instagram

According to the statement, both the artists had signed a three-year exclusive contract with P Nation. Now that the period is over, they have decided not to continue under the label.

Hello. This is P NATION.

We express our deep gratitude to everyone who sent much love and interest to HyunA and DAWN.

We are informing you that HyunA’s and DAWN’s exclusive contracts with P NATION recently expired.

With their bold music and unrivaled visuals and performances that only they could take on, HyunA and DAWN as well as HyunaA & DAWN splendidly illustrated P NATION’s colors. Their passion as artists and their consideration and care for the staff became examples for everyone.

All the members of P NATION will treasure the enjoyable memories with HyunA and DAWN for a long time, and we will continuously support their future activities going forward.

We express our gratitutde to the many fans who cherished HyunA and DAWN, and we ask that you continue to send warm encouragement and support.

Thank you.

— P Nation

After the announcement, HyunA took to Instagram and posted a screenshot of the press statement with the caption “Thank you.

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Earlier in July, Jessi, another prominent artist under P Nation, also left the company after her exclusive contract expired. With these consecutive departures, fans are left wondering if the label is failing to keep up with its top artists.

Screenshot (4)

With HyunA and Dawn no longer under the label, P Nation has five artists on the roster apart from Psy himself- Crush, Heize, Penomeco, Swings, and TNX.

Screenshot (5)

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